CloudBees Jenkins Platform 2.7.19

Written by: Cyrille Le Clerc

We are happy to announce the immediate availability of CloudBees Jenkins Platform 2.7.19. This is the first version of the CloudBees Jenkins Platform based on Jenkins 2 . The User eXperience of Jenkins has been dramatically revisited and you will benefit from the following improvements.

Improved User Experience

Installation wizard

An installation wizard helps you to select the plugins that are relevant for your continuous delivery platform. CloudBees has selected a set of cohesive plugins to propose a default installation.

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Revisited wizard to create new items

The screen to create new jobs and new items is much more intuitive. It helps Jenkins users to instantly find the type of job they need.

Revised job configuration screen

The Jenkins configuration pages for jobs and items have been revisited with tabs to help clarify the information.

Secured by default

The CloudBees Jenkins Platform is now secured by default. New instances are secured by an "Unlock Jenkins" screen and Jenkins admins are invited to enable security and create a first user on the system.

Better Installation and Upgrades

Offline installation

The CloudBees Jenkins Platform can now be installed offline with a large and cohesive set of plugins available through the plugin selection wizard.

Better upgrades

Upgrades of Jenkins could be hectic in the past, due to issues with some plugins not getting upgraded. The root cause of the issue was a concept called "pinned" plugins. The concept behind pinned plugins has been retrofitted and plugins now get updated through the installation process.

Beekeeper Upgrade Assistant and the CloudBees Assurance Program

The CloudBees Jenkins Platform is now integrated with the CloudBees Assurance Program so that you can keep your servers up-to-date with plugin versions verified by CloudBees. We will provide details of the new Beekeeper Upgrade Assistant and the CloudBees Assurance Program in a follow-on blog post.

New Release Model to Get the Best Out of Your Platform

In addition to the CloudBees Assurance Program, CloudBees has adopted a Rolling Release Model and a continuous delivery approach to more efficiently deliver new features with smaller increments. Rolling releases of the CloudBees Jenkins Platform will be published regularly (multiple times per quarter) so that you will be able to more frequently apply smaller upgrades to your platform. Customers who prefer to use a very stable version, rather than benefiting from ongoing, smaller feature improvements, will be able to choose our fixed release that will be published yearly. The fixed release will limit changes during the year, and before the next fixed release, to security fixes and the correction of critical bugs.

Smooth upgrade path

To upgrade your CloudBees Jenkins Platform, you just perform the standard upgrade procedure that you already use for CJP 1.x (replacing the war file, installing the latest .rpm or .deb...) with one additional requirement: Start upgrading CloudBees Jenkins Operations Center and then upgrade the client masters. CloudBees Jenkins Platform 16.06 will remain supported until April 2017. More details are available on our Support Lifecycle and Update Policies page.

Getting Started

Visit our Getting Started page and try CloudBees Jenkins Platform V2!

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