CloudBees Introduces Subversion, Git Plus Other Best of Breed Development and Agile Tools with CollabNet

Written by: Hannah Inman
2 min read

A guest post from Guy Marion , VP & GM, CollabNet Cloud Services

CollabNet is excited to join the CloudBees Partner Ecosystem today . This partnership brings to developers a comprehensive development experience in the cloud, improving productivity of distributed development teams via the introduction of CollabNet’sCloud Services Platform, Codesion , to the CloudBeesPlatform.

With Codesion, developers using the CloudBeesPlatform can now instantly provision Subversion and Gitcode repositories online, track and manage bugs, and make use of Codesion’sbroad range of popular Agile development tools.

Who are CollabNet and Codesion?

CollabNet is the recognized leader in enterprise cloud development and Agile ALM, with more than 7,000 global customers that range from single workgroups to large enterprises. CollabNet has deep open source roots, including the creation of Subversion (now formally known as Apache Subversion®), the industry leading version control system with millions of users. CollabNet helps enterprise customers build and deploy better software through its focus on collaboration, enterprise Agile methods and cloud development and computing.

Codesion is CollabNet’s cloud services platform and is the leading enterprise-grade cloud development and deployment platform, with more than 3,800 customers and 70,000 users around the world.

Codesion CloudBees

What services are now available to CloudBees customers?

With the integration of Codesionand CloudBees, the following enterprise-grade services are now available on the CloudBeesEcosystem in just a few clicks:

• Source control management hosting (Subversion, Git, CVS)
• Wiki, issue and bug trackers (Trac, Bugzilla)
• Agile project management (ScrumWorks Pro)
• Shared drive (WebDAV)
• External integrations (Basecamp, FogBugz, Lighthouse, Pivotal Tracker, Rally, JIRA and VersionOne)
• Automated deployment (Codesion Publisher)
• Multiple project workspaces
• Advanced security (SSL, role-based access control, password control, IP whitelist)
• Offsite backups
• High availability infrastructure (99.9% availability)

This tight integration gives you a single place to manage your code and includes unified support and billing. It will help you…
• Improve the efficiencies of development teams,
• Offer freedom of choice of best of breed development tools and
• Lower the overall cost of delivering quality applications.

Enjoy this one-stop shop for your cloud development, deployment and management needs.


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