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Written by: Sacha Labourey
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Today CloudBees is reaching a strategic milestone on executing on our founding vision: we are launching our "CloudBees Ecosystem " program.

A Bit of History...

Historically, ISVs have been aggregating around leading platform vendors – such as Operating Systems (Microsoft, Red Hat, etc.) or Application Server vendors (Weblogic, WebSphere, JBoss, etc.). The platform vendors would certify those ISV solutions and provide peace of mind to customers: customers would know that those certified ISVs would work well on those platforms and would be properly supported by both vendors in case a problem would occur. For platform vendors, reaching a "critical mass" of ISVs certified on the platform was also critical: with too few 3rd party solutions certified, they knew their platform would be disregarded by customers.

Fast-forward and watch the cloud become the new platform : ISVs are morphing into SaaS vendors and the new platforms live in the cloud, they are called "PaaS".

CloudBees Ecosystem

In the cloud era, we can do more than simply mimic the good old ISV/Platform relationship. The cloud is all about increased productivity and separation of concerns: if you are a developer, you should be focusing on building a great application, not busy setting up an application server or a 3rd party solution.

To that end CloudBees Ecosystem program enables to you to browse all of our partner solutions online, from our GrandCentral dashboard, decide whether you want to enable each partner’s solution as part of your CloudBees subscription, in a totally self-service fashion. Most partners will typically offer both a free subscription (trial or limited usage) as well as a set of for-pay subscriptions to best match your needs. Once you have enabled a given partner solution, there is nothing else you need to do: provisioning of the service, identity and SSO integration, subscription management, billing, etc. is all handled through CloudBees. Typically, at the end of the month, you will get a consolidated bill that contains the CloudBees services as well as all 3rd party SaaS solutions you’ve enabled from CloudBees. Quick and easy.

Furthermore, since the CloudBees platform spans the complete application lifecycle, from development to deployment, our CloudBees Ecosystem also covers the entire lifecycle. Consequently, you’ll find partner solutions extending both our DEV@cloud and RUN@cloud offerings.

Ecosystem Launch - Welcome to Our First Partners

Today, we are announcing the program as well as on-boarding our first 5 partners: JFrog , Sauce Labs , SonarSource for DEV@cloud and Cloudant and NewRelic for RUN@cloud.

JFrog , home of Artifactory, is the only company to provide a cloud-based Binary Repository manager. While CloudBees offers a basic Maven repository structure, JFrog offers a feature-rich and highly sophisticated repository manager. Very appreciated in a SaaS environment, JFrog features "Zero Setup Time" and will set up HTTP access rules, software installation, configuration of common accessed public remote repositories, maintenance and backup automatically. Anybody serious about Maven artifact management should consider JFrog.

Sauce Labs , the web application testing company, provides a cloud-based service that allows users to run automated cross-browser functional tests fast (as well as manual tests) while eliminating the need for you to maintain your own test infrastructure! This is really neat: do you want to test your web application UI against, say, 15 different OS/browsers mixes? Fine: click a button and voila, your tests will automatically launch in parallel on those specific OS/browser targets, in a snap, with no setup or maintenance effort. If you are serious about UI testing, the mix of Sauce Labs and Jenkins-as-a-Service provided by DEV@cloud is the perfect match.

SonarSource is the company behind the very successful Sonar project, which does static and dynamic code analysis and is used by many teams around the world to continuously validate the quality of their code – again, a great complement to your Jenkins DEV@cloud environment. Since SonarSource didn’t have a SaaS offering, we have worked closely with them to “SaaS’ify” Sonar so that our customers can enjoy the power of Sonar without having to set up anything. Open Source projects who have subscribed to our free DEV@cloud offering will also soon be able to automatically populate the Nemo Sonar instance through a simple configuration setting.

Cloudant is providing a data platform based on the Apache CouchDB project. The Cloudant team has over two decades of experience solving ‘Big Data’ problems and led the MIT team that interacted with multi-petabyte data sets from experiments that include the renowned Large Hadron Collider. Cloudant is backed by the power of multiple cloud providers and can easily scale to hundreds of TBs. Cloudant takes care of all of your database concerns, including redundancy, availability, backups, maintenance and monitoring. If your Java application requires a BigData solution for unstructured data, you definitively need to look at Cloudant.

Last but not least, NewRelic is the all-in-one web application performance management provider for the cloud and the datacenter. Its SaaS solution, which combines real user monitoring, application monitoring, and availability monitoring in a single solution built from the ground up, changes the way developers and operations teams manage web application performance in real-time. More than 10,000 organizations use New Relic to optimize over 6 billion transactions in production each day. NewRelic has been a long time Stax partner and we are very happy to pursue this relationship now that the Stax team is part of CloudBees.


If you are interested to see the CloudBeesEcosystem in action, simply sign up and visit our partner page .

If you have a SaaS solution and are interested in partnering with us, please contact us .

We will be on-boarding new partners very soon, so stay tuned!


Sacha Labourey, CEO

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