CloudBees DevOptics Introduces CD Platform Analysis per Master Filtering Capability

Written by: Alex Tacho
2 min read

CloudBees recently released an entire new set of capabilities for continuous integration (CI) and continuous delivery (CD) platform monitoring as part of the CloudBees DevOptics Free edition. The CloudBees DevOptics CD platform monitoring capability provides real-time and historic views of job and pipeline activity across your entire software delivery infrastructure.

CloudBees DevOptics works with a heterogeneous mix of CloudBees Core and Jenkins and allows you to connect any number of controllers to provide views across your entire organization.

We are excited to announce that CloudBees DevOptics now provides an aggregated view that allows for filtering of controllers connected to DevOptics across your entire Jenkins infrastructure. This enables your teams that have to manage a lot of controllers to understand activity and performance relevant to their product teams. It's all part of CloudBees DevOptics Free.

CloudBees DevOptics CD Platform Analysis per controller Filtering allows you to filter CD Platform Monitoring metrics by one or multiple controllers - showing only the controllers that are of interest or relevant to the user doing the analysis. Additionally it saves the filter setting within your local storage so you can quickly access it when you return.

You get more granular insight into platform activity and performance related to specific controllers, can better understand the dependencies between controllers, as well as group and structure controllers based on teams and areas of responsibilities.

CloudBees DevOptics CD platform monitoring is part of CloudBees DevOptics Free and works with Jenkins and CloudBees Core controllers. If you are interested to give it a spin yourself, signup here - setup is quick .

Read about the latest filter functionality on our documentation .

Alex Tacho is director of product management for CloudBees DevOptics. Prior to working at CloudBees, he was director of product management at CodeShip. At CodeShip, he was involved in building a continuous integration and delivery service to help product and engineering teams automate and improve their software delivery workflows.

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