CloudBees Announces Public Sector Partnership with DLT Solutions

Written by: Zackery Mahon
2 min read

Continuous Delivery is becoming a main initiative across all vertical industries in commercial markets/private markets. The ability for IT teams to deliver quality software on a hourly/daily/weekly basis is the new standard.

The public sector has the same needs to accelerate application delivery for important governmental initiatives. To make access to the CloudBees Continuous Delivery Platform easier for the public sector, CloudBees and DLT Solutions have formally joined hands in order to help provide Jenkins Enterprise by CloudBees and Jenkins Operations Center by CloudBees to federal, state and local governmental entities.

With Jenkins Enterprise by CloudBees now offered by DLT Solutions, public sector agencies have access to our 23 proprietary plugins (along with 900+ OSS plugins) and will receive professional support for their Jenkins continuous integration/continuous delivery implementation.

Some of our most popular plugins can be utilized to:

  • Eliminate downtime by automatically spinning up a secondary controller when the primary controller fails with the High Availability plugin

  • Push security features and rights onto downstream groups, teams and users with Role-based Access Control

  • Auto-scale agent machines when you have builds starved for resources by “renting” unused VMware vCenter virtual machines with the VMware vCenter Auto-Scaling plugin

Try a free evaluation of Jenkins Enterprise by CloudBees or read more about the plugins provided with it.

For departments using larger installations of Jenkins, CloudBees and DLT Solutions propose Jenkins Operations Center by CloudBees to:

  • Access any Jenkins controller in the enterprise. Easily manage and navigate between controllers (optionally with SSO)

  • Add controllers to scale Jenkins horizontally, instead of adding executors to a single controller. Ensure no single point of failure

  • Push security configurations to downstream controllers, ensuring compliance

  • Use the Update Center plugin to automatically ensure approved plugin versions are used across all controllers

The CloudBees offerings, combined with DLT Solutions’ 20+ years of public sector “know-how”, makes it easier to support and optimize Jenkins in the civilian, federal and SLED branches of government.

For more information about the newly established CloudBees and DLT Solutions partnership read the news release.

We are proud to partner with our friends at DLT Solutions to bring continuous delivery to governmental organizations.

Zackary Mahon
Business Development Manager

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