Choose Your Own DevOps with CloudBees Flow Winter ‘19

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New persona-based UI feature tailors CloudBees Flow to all DevOps use cases

Our last release of CloudBees Flow introduced the concept of “DevOps Your Way” with the Kanban-style view, unlimited tagging and the CI Dashboard. Today we are doubling down on that functionality with the CloudBees Flow Winter ’19 release. Now you can “Choose Your Own DevOps.” CloudBees Flow now provides persona-based UI enhancements, new pipeline and release automation options, and new service catalog updates to encompass and support all DevOps use cases in the enterprise. Companies of all sizes can now unlock the value of CloudBees Flow even faster with a simpler and accelerated onboarding process. In turn, organizations can increase day-to-day efficiency and productivity for IT professionals by making the unified platform more user-friendly and personalized to each team member.

Choosing Your Own DevOps

Persona Views

The new persona-based customizable UI in CloudBees Flow enables multiple users within an organization to tailor menus and options to their specific role. Putting this level of control in the hands of each user unlocks the value of CloudBees Flow faster, and gives everyone real-time access to the exact same information in a way that speaks to an individual’s responsibilities. Release Manager Persona View

Bookmarks and Personal Task Lists

CloudBees Flow also includes an improved landing page experience that is more task oriented and intuitive. Users have the ability to add bookmarks/favorites for faster access to their desired pages, and easier access to personalized tasks and approvals. My Work Task List

Pipeline and Release Triggers

With new pipeline and release triggers, CloudBees Flow can now automatically kick off pipelines and releases in a simple, and easy way, based on user created events/triggers and code check-ins in Git. Defining a new release trigger

Approve by Mail and Release Replays

For even greater insight and control, the new “approve by email” feature creates a one-click, secure and convenient solution for gate approvals and manual task completion directly from an email without having to log into the CloudBees Flow platform. With RCC date ranges, teams also have the freedom to go back in time to compare releases and trends based on any date range with a user-friendly functionality similar to a DVR service. Release Command Center replay date ranges

There's More

There are plenty more features for choosing your own DevOps packed into the Winter ’19 release. Sign up for our What’s New webinar on February 28 th to see for yourself.

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