Forrester CDRA Wave: Platform Breadth is the Name of the Game

Written by: Tim Johnson

CloudBees has been named a leader in the newly released report, The Forrester Wave(TM) Continuous Delivery and Release Automation, Q2 2020 by Forrester Research, written by Charles Betz and Will McKeon-White. In addition, the company received the highest score in the Current Offering category for CloudBees CD, and among the top three in the Strategy category.

We are pleased to be so highly ranked.

As enterprises are looking to become software-first innovators they are looking to seamlessly connect - and get more value from - their software delivery toolchains. Deployment automation and release orchestration are key capabilities, but they are table stakes these days. As the report states, “CDRA offerings address the needs for quality and velocity as well as the acceleration of configuration, testing and deployment processes across complex stacks while ensuring auditability and control.” 

The report also emphasizes the critical need to support a breadth of platforms including on-premise, legacy and cloud, saying, “The leading CDRA vendors’ platforms strive to meet your delivery and release automation needs where they are today.”  The report cites the need for a plan for the future as “vendors that are succeeding in this space have a clear vision for where their CDRA platforms fit in the face of evolving competition.”

We have both of those requirements covered very well. CloudBees CD is well known for its ability to adapt easily to new processes and technology - to embrace current processes and technology stacks, not replace them. As for vision, we are making CloudBees CD an integral component for continuously delivering software efficiently across all teams, tools and technologies while integrating wider business functions.  

What Forrester Has to Say

Rather than toot our own horn, let’s look at what they say about CloudBees CD (previously named CloudBees Flow):

“CloudBees has executed well on merging its products into an integrated platform that ranges from continuous integration and build management to release automation, with support for a number of platforms, from cloud-native to on-premises to mainframe and mobile.”

“CloudBees offers a comprehensive, end-to-end platform.”

“Functionally, customers noted superior pipeline visibility and ease of pipeline management.”

There’s more in the report, but you get the idea.

See for Yourself. View the complimentary copy of the Forrester Wave Continuous Delivery and Release Automation Q2 2020 report.

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