DevOps World Award Winners on DevOps Radio: Part 2

Written by: Brian Dawson
3 min read

At the recent DevOps World, we announced the winners of the DevOps World 2020 awards. In this week's podcast, we hear from two additional winning teams.

Chafin Bryant is a senior software engineer who runs the Enterprise Jenkins Platform team at Capital One. Capital One was recognized with a 2020 DevOps innovation award in the category of DevOps scalability achievement. This award is presented to honor organizations that have demonstrated the most outstanding and highly scalable continuous delivery in DevOps implementation across a team or an entire organization. 

The Enterprise Jenkins Platform team at Capital One provides a platform that is used by over 6,500 users to execute over 50,000 builds per day and is managing over 100 controllers. 

Capital One, like many enterprises, was looking for ways to keep developers focused on delivering software and not wasting precious time managing the different components of the tool chain. The Enterprise Jenkins Platform team became focused on this goal - managing DevOps tooling for the rest of the enterprise. Chafin describes the peace of mind and support his team offers to the CI/CD teams internally:

“Hey, the platform is there. It's gonna be highly available. It's gonna meet your needs. We're gonna take care of the maintenance and the functionality and the enterprise-level governance and other requirements that we have as an enterprise to make sure how we're delivering."

Riad Ghafir, the global head of production factories at BNP Paribas CIB, speaks with Host Brian Dawson next. Riad represents the team that is the winner of the DevOps Automation Excellence Award. That award is presented to the customer that exemplifies the most outstanding automated DevOps processes across a team or an organization. 

BNP Paribas CIB began its DevOps adoption journey in early 2017 as part of a larger digital transformation effort. Riad and his team set out to design and create an internal DevOps platform that could also be available in an internal cloud. With 800 applications being used, it was critical this platform could be accessed in a self-service model, eliminating any potential requests from users to install things manually. Because it is a financial institution and highly regulated, BNP Paribas CIB needed to make its teams could move fast, but securely. 

The team saw positive results early on from a deployment time and culture perspective. 

“With some projects, the deployment time was divided by 10, sometimes 15 times. And also, we had really a good buy-in from some teams where it was also an opportunity to get dev and ops together. It was the case for some projects, not for all, and our initiative made them work together,” says Riad.

To learn more about the DevOps journey of the DevOps World 2020 awards winners, Capital One and BNP Paribas CIB, listen to episode 86 of DevOpsRadio.

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