Can your engineering team deliver one product every week to the marketplace?

Written by: Electric Bee

I recently read an excellent note on The net-net "wow" of this article can be summed up in this one sentence "Between January and the end of April, the South Korean manufacturer announced an average of one new smartphone per week."
Now, these devices are not simple to manufacture. They include high, mid range, and low end phones, tablets – each with an unique factor, software and value added packages. It makes you wonder – how the h*ck are these guys delivering products so quickly and with such high quality (you don’t hear many Samsung recalls!)
Without a doubt, Samsung has automated their entire development and delivery process. They have perfected the art of making devices – from microwaves and camcorders to semiconductors and tablets. But they also controllered the art of delivering the software that powers these devices (and software by the way, makes up most of the IP and differentiation in these products). They know how to write the software and customize it for their devices; they also know about to build, test and release this software fast enough.
At CloudBees, we have spent a decade helping customers do just that – deliver software fast (at speed of business). We help our customer build, test and release software quickly and with quality. We cannot tell you if Samsung is a customer (but feel free to read between the lines). And if you want to deliver software like these experts – drop us a email and we can show you how.

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