Building Github pull requests with DEV@cloud

As many know - buildhive automagically builds pull requests from github. Some have asked if they can do the same with DEV@cloud - well you can - but be sure to read the fine print:

Building Github pull requests with DEV@cloud

Note, if you don’t want to hand over github credentials to set up the hook - you still can do this, you just have to set up the hooks this way using the github api.




Hi<br /><br />Why is this feature not available for free FOSS account? I am not a big github user but from what i understand "pull requests model" is used mostly for github public repositories, whereby being quite rare for private github repos.<br />Anyone who has public github repo can ask for Cloudbees FOSS account so IMHO building Github pull requests with DEV@cloud will mostly make sense only FOSS accounts.<br /><br />br Jakub

Yes, it does make sense for this to be on the free FOSS account. It is on buildhive - which is all free all the time - so perhaps that was why it was overlooked.<br /><br />PRs can be used for private as well - I think? some people may prefer to use that flow of working even for private projects.

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