Bit of a new look for grandcentral

Grandcentral console for CloudBees

Grandcentral - the main control console for cloudbees services - has a new look. For new users there is a “tour” which will take them through getting something working, end to end (from build time to runtime).  You also get a view over all your “stuff” - ie what you have running - builds, repos, databases, apps and other services.


There's another issue, this time with your blog commenting interface. After making the previous comment I was asked to prove I'm not a robot. This was not possible to do on a laptop screen as the captcha area was offscreen and the modal dialog would not scroll.<br /><br />While I'm on that, why present a blog post in a modal popup? There's no reason for it.<br /><br />Also, I just saw that I wrote 'their' instead of 'there' above. Hey, nobody's perfect, right? But I do wish you'd work on fixing the existing navigation problems instead of adding more broken glitz.<br /><br />Thanks!

what happened to my first comment?

No idea - this is blogspot - one of their templates and it seems "unpleasant" in most browsers (in safari I can't even see the comments). <br /><br />Re the link breakages (I can see your first comment) - the run console, which is currently separate, doesn't have links to everything that it needs to (and makes some things harder like opening in new tabs) so that has to be fixed first (it is a GWT app that has become a bit of work to maintain). Are you able to get to things by clicking on the links in the toolbar?

Hrm I can see other broken links too. Looks like a bad deploy, sorry about that. <br /><br />And that prove you are a robot stuff is annoying ! blogger used to be good!

Sorry but for me a new look is a little bit overwhelming - too many widgets just stare at me. Is it a way to swtich back to old L&F ?<br /><br />

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