A Big Welcome to "Continuous Information" – the CloudBees Newsletter for Jenkins

Written by: Hannah Inman
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A Welcome from Jenkins Founder Kohsuke Kawaguchi

One of the take-aways for me from October's Kohsuke Kawaguchi Founder, Jenkins CI & Elite Developer, CloudBeesKohsuke
So I'm naturally very excited about the launch of a Jenkins newsletter. It will hopefully be a means for us to give you an overview of what's going on in the noisy bazaar that is the Jenkins project, for those who are too busy to go through all the e-mails, all the new plugins, and IRC conversations that are occurring every day.

Now, pulling this info together is hard work and takes considerable effort, so I wanted to thank the editors who are stepping up to take this on, and I hope some of you will consider participating in the effort by submitting articles, suggesting what you want to hear, and so on. I'm really hoping that this will be a useful community resource.

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-- Kohsuke Kawaguchi, Jenkins & Hudson Project Founder,
and Elite Architect at CloudBees

PS -- Watch Kohsuke’s Keynote at the JUC to get the latest status of the Jenkins project. In fact, all of the JUC presentations are available here. We've also just published a JUC highlights video - see who came, who spoke...who had the best shoes and what the most coveted JUC swag was!

PPS -- Call for Papers for JUC 2012 is out! Please help us spread the word...

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