ASG Just Launched A Software Delivery Management Survey

Written by: Brian Dawson
2 min read

In every industry - from finance to aerospace, from retail to pharmaceuticals, from manufacturing to entertainment - an ability to swiftly and deftly leverage software has become the number one factor upon which business success is built. This reality makes an organization’s competency in software development and delivery critical to its longevity. What still requires study, however, is how successfully (or not successfully) this is being done, which teams are collaborating (or not), and what tools and processes have (or have not) been critical in enabling this shift.

The Accelerated Strategy Group’s Software Delivery Management Survey , launched today, seeks to answer these questions to better understand the state of software development and delivery across organizations of every type, with a goal of defining the leading indicators for success. CloudBees is thrilled to commission this survey in partnership with Accelerated Strategy Group to gather valuable data from development organizations around the globe. We look forward to sharing the insights with all organizations attempting to adapt and transform.

Responders to the survey will find questions on such topics as:

  • Company culture and communication: The effects that organization and process transformations have had on culture and conversely, how culture has driven or hindered transformation. How silos of ownership, communication and function have (or have not) been broken down as software delivery practices become standardized and shared more broadly

  • Defining and measuring success in development efforts: Which metrics are strong leading indicators of business value, what common data norms have been established, and the frequency and efficacy of feedback loops across organizations

  • The use of end-to-end delivery pipelines: How pipelines have been integrated with related tools, and the departmental ownership of those integrations

  • Team sizes and structures: How those have been organized and adjusted, and which arrangements within the same organization have found the most success

Ideal respondents to the survey will have first-hand experience with their organization’s practices, tools and evolving decisions regarding the delivery of technology solutions that directly create value for their company and (perhaps indirectly) create value for the organization’s customers.

The survey is open to the entire worldwide technology community. Please contribute your expertise today and attend the Software Delivery Leadership Forum at DevOps World 2020 to hear the full survey results.

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