Android Emulator Troubleshooting

If you are on this page, you are probably having hard times trying to use Android Emulators with Jenkins.
The first thing you may want to do is making sure you configure the advanced options this way:
Android Emulators with Jenkins configuration
Note: Since the emulator will be running headless (i.e without a visible display), you should make sure that “Show emulator window” (under Common Emulator Options) is unchecked.  You should also click on the “Advanced” button and specify “-no-audio -gpu off” as Emulator options.

If this did not work for you and specifically if you are experiencing timeouts using emulators:

  • make sure you install the last version of the plugin, which increases the startup timeout from 180 to 360
  • do not use snapshots
  • use sdk 4.2 or Android-18/Google API 18: newer version of android are more demanding on the hardware which could mean a longer startup-time ( this link indeed suggest to use older version of Android with emulator).

To retrieve the list of available targets you can run android list target


android list target
android list target emulator
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