CloudBees DevOptics

CloudBees DevOptics

Visibility and insights to identify waste and surface key analytics to deliver better software, faster.

Reduce Waste

Get immediate visibility into bottlenecks and wait times to optimize every stage of delivery.

Measure DevOps Performance

Access data across teams, tools and applications for actionable insights to measure, manage and improve DevOps performance.

Leverage Best Practices

Apply DevOps best practices and enable cross-team collaboration to refine your continuous delivery capability.

Need to measure DevOps performance and software delivery capability

Access reliable data on demand to benchmark and track DevOps performance across your software delivery pipelines

Measure DevOps performance

Access standard metrics to benchmark and track DevOps performance

Reduce manual data collection

Automatic collection of data across the Devops toolchain saves time and effort

Leverage actionable insights

Actionable insights let’s you identify gaps in the process to continuously improve

Access real-time data for reporting

Real-time data calculations and presentation ensures accurate and reliable reporting

Get the visibility and tracking across the entire software delivery process

Value stream modeling lets you visualize and track the flow of value to optimize your software delivery processes

Make sense of complex application development

Model microservices environments to visualize complex application developmen

Gain full visibility across infrastructure and processes

Connect your teams, tools and applications to provide a single source of truth across your software delivery pipelines.

Quickly discover blockages holding up work

Identify where jobs are queuing or failed and their impact on dependent components

Perform root cause analysis on issues blocking work

Drill down to pipelines, issues and code commits to determine why work is blocked.

Ensure your CD Platform supports product development

View current and historic activity on your CD platform for proactive capacity planning.

Insight for better performance of CD platform infrastructure

Gain visibility into performance and availability of your underlying continuous delivery platform

Better capacity planning based on real-time analytics

Proactively plan service capacity, resources and workload to support product delivery activities

Identify pipeline jobs causing long run times

More granular metrics can identify certain jobs causing long run times or if a master needs to be optimized.

Uncover restrictions to shorten feedback time

Find restrictions to speed up feedback cycle time, improve lead time and reduce costs

Seamless Connection to the Tools that Matter!

See more. Know more. Do more. CloudBees DevOptics unifies your software delivery process from end-to-end, across teams and software value streams. We already integrate with many existing tools and services and more are constantly being added!

DevOptics Integrations

CloudBees Core

CloudBees DevOptics integrates seamlessly with Cloudbees Core, giving you visibility and insights into your software delivery lifecycle with the enterprise-class scalability, tools and governance needed to deliver valuable solutions.

All Flavors of Jenkins

Support for the industry standard CI/CD automation server is built-in. Get critical, real-time insights across your entire infrastructure. Empower your teams to plan and execute best-in-class software delivery.

Connect your developer tools

CloudBees DevOptics directly integrates with Jira, GitHub, GitLab and BitBucket to track changes as they move through your delivery process from initial concept to customer.

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