Value Stream Management

Value Stream Management

Visualize value flow and access key DevOps analytics to deliver better software, faster (CloudBees DevOptics)

Real-Time Insights to Measure and Manage DevOps Performance

Visualize the process

Model complex application development to see all components and dependencies

Measure performance

Leverage DORA metrics to track software delivery velocity and quality

Reduce waste

Identify blockages that delay work and impact dependent components

Model, Track and Measure Your End-to-End Software Delivery

Is your complex software delivery process causing you to lose sight into how teams are actually performing? Whiteboard sessions and anecdotal information makes managing software delivery velocity and quality difficult, resulting in delayed releases and mediocre software.

CloudBees DevOptics value stream management gives you immediate transparency into your end-to-end software delivery process to measure DevOps performance, remove bottlenecks and improve both velocity and quality. You'll be able to manage towards being more efficient at delivering better software to your customers.

Measure DevOps performance and software delivery capability

Value stream management with CloudBees DevOptics presents reliable data from the toolchain to benchmark and track DevOps performance.

  • Access standard DORA metrics on DevOps performance

  • Identify gaps in the process to continuously improve

  • Automatic data collection across tools saves time and effort

Model and track your software delivery process

Value stream modeling lets you fully understand all the components and dependencies in your software delivery process. Find areas where reducing friction can help deliver features to customers sooner.

  • Model and visualize complex application development

  • Find blockages impacting dependent components

  • Perform root cause analysis to keep value flowing

Drive collaboration and best practices across teams

Identify high and low performing teams to find areas where fostering better collaboration and best practices can result in overall process improvement.

  • Apply and measure DevOps metrics at the team level

  • Take action to improve performance across teams

  • Enable collaboration between teams to drive best practices

Key Features

Standard DORA metrics

Access metrics on deployment frequency, mean lead time, mean time to recover and change failure rate

Real-time data and analytics

Make better decisions with reliable, real-time data and metrics for reporting

Gate waste insights

Visualize waste and low performance in a value stream that needs improvement 

Integrates with your existing toolchain

Adam Roberts
"CloudBees DevOptics was a huge selling point for our executive team because we’ll have complete visibility, be able to easily see where our bottlenecks are and that will keep us improving and moving faster."
Adam Roberts

Head of DevOps

Improve and Optimize DevOps Performance Across Teams

CloudBees DevOptics lets you map and visualize end-to-end software value streams with actionable insights to measure, manage and optimize software delivery across teams, improve DevOps performance and drive more value through faster business innovation.

Optimize your DevOps performance

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Product Brief

CloudBees Value Stream Management solves challenges by being the only solution purpose-built to provide visibility into collaborative delivery and DevOps performance.

Heidelberg sees the big picture

Value streams functionality lets Heidelberg see the “big picture” of the overall infrastructure.

VSM and DevOps performance

Value stream management (VSM) lets you see blockages and waste in order to improve software delivery.

Identifying waste in your value stream

Gate Waste Insights provides a way for you to visualize waste and low performance in a value stream.