Deliver Quality Products and Features On-time

Deliver Quality Products and Features On-time

Plan, prioritize and manage the on-time delivery of products and features

Engineering productivity data allows you to focus on delivering value quickly and predictably to your customers and the business

Quantify time spent against planned initiatives

Track development time going towards roadmap initiatives  versus support requests, quality, and maintenance.

Focus development work on the right things

See how much work is focused towards planned initiatives and if you're tracking to deliver on time

Improve software delivery speed and precitability

Analyze time to deliver new software and quickly see where you can improve the process.

CloudBees Feature Management lets you progressively deliver features to your users with confidence while giving product teams control over every release

Reduce risk during feature releases

Gradually release features to targeted user segments, limiting the blast radius of buggy features before full release. 

Improve productivity by empowering teams

Decouple feature releases from code deployments to speed development and let product teams release at will.

Shorten feedback loops to innovate faster

Receive fast feedback so that developers can iterate on features quickly.