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On-Demand Capacity

Empower teams to focus on delivering value, not maintaining Jenkins. On-demand provisioning enables teams to start new projects in minutes. With CloudBees, teams go faster…together!


Centralized Management

Simplify your life with streamlined management of your Jenkins servers. Spin up new resources with ease. Upgrade instances once and copy configuration changes everywhere. 


Deploy Anywhere

CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise is made to run in a variety of environments. Deploy on AWS (VPC) or on your own servers (or private cloud) with vSphere or OpenStack.


Built-In Fault Tolerance

CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise ensures availability with self-healing Jenkins infrastructure. Resources automatically recover and your CD pipelines automatically restart, preventing costly downtime.


Security & Compliance

Are security and compliance a headache? No more. CloudBees ensures everyone is on the same version, eliminating conflicts. You define access via roles and responsibility. Compliance just got a while lot easier!


Unify Your Toolchain

Tired of each team using their own build systems and metrics? Unify your toolchain with CloudBees and reap the rewards of standardization. Provide a single, unified Jenkins experience to all teams.


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