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This week’s top news touched on many different facets and topics within the software development and delivery world, and guess what? DevOps does too! From entrepreneurs, enterprises and the cloud, DevOps is pervasive in the software community. Just how far has it reached you ask? Check out TechSpective’s 10 key findings from the Puppet Labs State of DevOps report for an overview.
We also learned how DevOps plays into UX design, how continuous delivery affects DevOps , and got a sneak peek into the “5 Secrets of Enterprise DevOps ” as well. It was a good week for Chief Technology Officers as well: CloudBees’s CTO, Anders Wallgren, sat down with SolutionsIQ at Agile2015 to discuss how to “Take Agile to the Last Mile”, while Connor Forrest offered up an awesome overview of the “5 decisions a CTO needs to make on day one .”
For more on how the top leaders and developer teams are adopting and implementing DevOps and Continuous Delivery principles, see below. As always, stay tuned to all the news coming from @ElectricCloud and @DOESsummit throughout the week and retweet/favorite to get your favorite pieces featured in our weekly recap!

1How workload automation can bring DevOps up to speed

By @CGreenwriter | Published on @InformationAge
Software development is a laborious, complicated process, requiring skill, experience, creativity, a knack for detail and most important of all, time. Any tool or methodology that can consistently decrease the amount of time spent on redundant processes, tasks, and delays involved in the software development process is music to the ears of application developers. One of the most buzzed about software development methods today is DevOps, which concentrates on an agile, rapid release cycle by acting at the intersection of developers and operations staff. Research from Gartner estimates that the DevOps methodology will grow in popularity, such that 25 of Global 2000 organisations will employ DevOps by 2016.

Learn how workload automation can bring #DevOps up to speed: http://t.co/L1q4B0qmF9 | @InformationAge @CGreenwriter pic.twitter.com/iEKc04JdY7

— CloudBees (@electriccloud) August 5, 2015

25 Secrets of Enterprise DevOps

By @ShrutiBhat | Published on @devopsdotcom
There is still much debate surrounding the merits of Enterprise DevOps, some say that DevOps is great for the highly scalable startups but not feasible for the enterprise, while others say that DevOps is mandatory for a company’s survival. When enterprises evaluate the potential impact of DevOps adoption, they should consider some key points…

5 Secrets of Enterprise #DevOps : http://t.co/Kqkkjy1xBd @devopsdotcom @ShrutiBhat pic.twitter.com/FA5SNAXAa0

— DOES Summit (@DOESsummit) August 5, 2015

35 decisions a CTO needs to make on day one

By @ConnerForrest | Published on @TechRepublic http://www.techrepublic.com/article/5-decisions-a-cto-needs-to-make-on-day-one/ In our ever-connected world, the role of chief technology officer (CTO) continues to rise in prominence as one of the key decision makers within a company. From traditional IT to web development and everything in between — the CTO's role is expanding by the day. As new technologies and innovations begin to disrupt the workflow of more and more industries and departments, the CTO must stay ahead of the curve in understanding these changes.

5 decisions a #CTO needs to make on day one: http://t.co/rw5SdkaElI #devops #IT @TechRepublic @ConnerForrest pic.twitter.com/eZc4GWrkwR — CloudBees (@electriccloud) August 6, 2015

4What’s Your Sigma?

By @botchagalupe | Published by @RealGeneKim
The other day I was having an interesting conversation with a successful entrepreneur friend of mine and we were discussing how hard it is to get a startup exit let alone more than one. I have had three in 35 years. One within my first 10 years, and then another one not until 23 years later. This friend of mine has had a few exits as well and at one point he joked and said “I guess we are 6-Sigma’s”. We both laughed but that joke had me thinking all night. So when I couldn’t sleep I pulled my lovely R and Rstudio out and tried to figure out what Sigma am I.

What’s Your Sigma? Are you a one in a million? @botchagalupe answers: http://t.co/IQbU9aHFrw @RealGeneKim pic.twitter.com/d4tRs6l2cA
— DOES Summit (@DOESsummit) August 6, 2015

5IT customers slow to embrace outsourced DevOps

By @stephanieoverby | Published on @CIOonline http://www.cio.com/article/2960807/outsourcing/it-customers-slow-to-embrace-outsourced-devops.html While enterprises are experimenting with new DevOps application delivery methods, they’re not yet convinced that their IT service providers can help with the transformation. IT organizations are increasingly interested in adopting DevOps models to deliver applications faster, better and cheaper to the business, but they’re not inclined to look to their IT service providers for help with these efforts.

613 UX principles from an IT and DevOps perspective

By @kaibrunner | Published on @TechBeaconCom http://techbeacon.com/13-ux-principles-it-devops-perspective I've led the design of user experience for an end-to-end continuous delivery solution. My close colleague and product manager exhorted me to read his favorite book, The Phoenix Project, in the spirit of getting to know our users—the enterprise DevOps professionals. With an open mind, I jumped into the world Kim imagined and since then have chosen to remain there. Through an insider's view, he describes what IT work actually is, how it flows, and how to loosen its impediments. The story led me to see numerous parallels to UX practices

IT & #DevOps Principles, "Lesson 1: UX competency is a predictor of company performance" http://t.co/SMRLcJdWJd pic.twitter.com/WLo9w181LI — TechBeacon (@TechBeaconCom) August 6, 2015

7Why continuous delivery can give DevOps the upper hand over automation

By @bsquared90 | Published on @ITProPortal **** http://www.itproportal.com/2015/08/05/why-continuous-delivery-give-devops-upper-hand-automation/
Automation is seen as the Holy Grail for some businesses, providing improved speed and efficiency when it comes to application development, testing and delivery. DevOps is often viewed as the business tool driving this trend, but there are times when automation can prove problematic for organisations.

810 key findings from the 2015 State of DevOps Report

By @GetTechSpective
Puppet Labs recently released its fourth State of DevOps report. The Puppet Labs 2015 State of DevOps Report highlights trends in the DevOps revolution and includes a variety of valuable insights that organizations considering DevOps, or those that have already embraced it, can learn from. There are also a few things the report doesn’t talk about—and those provide perhaps even more valuable insight.

9Anders Wallgren – Lessons with an Agile CTO

Video by @SolutionsIQ https://electric-cloud.com/blog/2015/08/deliver-agile-faster-at-agile2015-anders-wallgren-talks-with-solutionsiq-about-taking-agile-to-the-last-mile/

10The Cloud's Open Source Seeds Are Growing Strong

By @ripcitylyman | Published on Linux Insider
New features, functionality, rewrites and releases of open source software are being driven by customers, and it's important to understand how the benefits of open source software can change. There have been many cases of organizations originally seeking open source primarily for cost savings, but then later realizing other benefits, including performance and reliability.

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