Weekly Top 10: Let Us Count the Ways that DevOps Pays

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As the hype around modern software delivery practices and technologies continues to grow, there’s no shortage of DevOps insights and advice out there for start-ups, horses and unicorns alike. This week’s top industry news continues to cover the countless benefits DevOps brings to any organization. One of the top discussions that continuously percolates is the proposition of building security into your delivery pipeline . DevOps practices not only help improve visibility and compliance, but also generates a culture of trust between teams that were once separated and often left in the dark. DevOps adoption can also result in some serious economic benefits , which stem from increased collaboration and streamlined processes across environments, meaning less downtime and thus, money saved. That’s just the short list of benefits that DevOps provides – read on for more, plus expert tips and tools to guide you on your DevOps journey.
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1Why Leading DevOps May Get You a Promotion

By @joemckendrick | Published on @ZDNet http://www.zdnet.com/article/will-leading-devops-get-you-promoted/
Is leading or engaging in DevOps a career booster? Gene Kim, author of The Phoenix Project and leading DevOps proponent, seems to think so. In a recent interview with TechBeacon's Mike Perrow, Kim notes that of "the nearly 100 speakers at DevOps Enterprise Summits over the last two years, about one in three have been promoted." Kim suggests that the reason these individuals have been promoted is because they "have created something of incredible value" to their organizations, and this has been noticed.

Why leading DevOps may get you a promotion https://t.co/26KxB6VPsS @joemckendrick @ZDNet #DOES16 #DevOps pic.twitter.com/P3SkC17hlk

— CloudBees (@electriccloud) July 28, 2016

2A Deeper Look at the Financial Return on Investment for DevOps

By @varbetz | Published on @dailyfei http://daily.financialexecutives.org/deeper-look-financial-return-investment-devops/
According to Gartner, DevOps represents a change in IT culture, focusing on rapid IT service delivery through the adoption of agile, lean practices in the context of a system-oriented approach. DevOps emphasizes people (and culture), and seeks to improve collaboration between operations and development teams. The ultimate goal of DevOps is to release software and applications more quickly at higher quality. Google, Amazon and Netflix now provide concrete proof points of fast-movers applying DevOps practices to disrupt entire industries with rapid-fire, digital-innovation based on cloud, big data and mobile technologies.

The Financial Return on Investment for #DevOps https://t.co/BLU5swbaNL @dailyfei @varbetz pic.twitter.com/K5d4MVsGqr

— CloudBees (@electriccloud) July 20, 2016

3DevOps and Security: Building Security Into Your Delivery Pipeline

By @andreaswittig | Published on @DZone https://dzone.com/articles/devops-and-security-1
What are some of the best practices for building security as an integral part of your tools and practices throughout your delivery pipeline? On Tuesday I participated in an online panel on the subject of DevOps and Security, as part of Continuous Discussions (#c9d9), a series of community panels about Agile, Continuous Delivery, and DevOps.

#DevOps and Security: Building Security Into Your Delivery Pipeline https://t.co/I03Li6eVAY @andreaswittig #c9d9 pic.twitter.com/lFqMB2RLmc

— CloudBees (@electriccloud) July 25, 2016

4Why Agile is Like Flossing and Regular Sex

By @cote | Published on @TheRegister http://www.theregister.co.uk/2016/07/27/agile_slow_ascent/
After roughly 20 years, agile software development has wheedled its way into most every developer's mind as The Way Good Software Is Done. Like flossing, while we can all agree agile is a good idea, we're not quite up to snuff on keeping all our teeth in our heads, so to speak. A recent Gartner survey had 37 per cent of respondents saying they were doing agile, while 45 per cent preferred to float along with the traditional "waterfall" approach (the remaining said they were doing "lean," "iterative," or the always delightful "other"). While this isn't world domination, a 2015 report put waterfall at 56 per cent.

#Agile - are people really doing it? https://t.co/craI2n08tH @TheRegister @cote pic.twitter.com/NoGfa0ea0n

— CloudBees (@electriccloud) July 27, 2016

5Agile 2016: How to Measure Your DevOps Initiatives

By @MulliganSDTimes | Published on @sdtimes http://sdtimes.com/agile-2016-measure-devops-initiatives/
You’ve heard the benefits of DevOps, and you’ve decided to move your teams to this way of working. But how do you know if you are doing it right? Metrics are key indicators for businesses to figure out whether or not they are making the right decisions, but often they aren’t choosing the right metrics to look at, according to Anders Wallgren, CTO of CloudBees. He spoke at the Agile 2016 conference in Atlanta today about the key DevOps metrics businesses should look into to determine failures or successes.

How do you know if you are doing #DevOps right? https://t.co/VcOb38tvkk #Agile2016

— SD Times (@sdtimes) July 27, 2016

6Three Tips To Ensure That DevOps Adds Real Value To Your Business

By @jkrystynak | Published on @Forbes http://www.forbes.com/sites/forbestechcouncil/2016/07/20/three-tips-to-ensure-that-devops-adds-real-value-to-your-business/
If you work in tech, chances are you have an opinion on DevOps. Either you think it’s a worthless exercise that creates more problems than it solves, or that it’s a must-have in today’s workplace. At my company AppLovin, we stand solidly in the pro-DevOps camp: not only for what it does for our operations, but for what DevOps does for our business. If you do go with having DevOps, it’s crucial that you think of it as a driver of innovation; only then will it be efficient and successful. Here are my top three tips for making sure your DevOps team continually drives innovation at your company.

3 Tips To Ensure That #DevOps Adds Real Value To Your Business https://t.co/Yo9zFv0pVk @Forbes @jkrystynak

— CloudBees (@electriccloud) July 20, 2016

7Managing Your DevOps Releases Efficiently

By @samueldfell | Published on @devopsdotcom http://devops.com/2016/07/20/managing-devops-releases/
DevOps is a modern software delivery movement that encompasses agile principles and encourages automation in application delivery. Why adopt it? It allows teams to reduce errors due to manual steps and break down silos between teams to improve communication and collaboration between all stakeholders within the business.

Managing Your #DevOps Releases Efficiently per @samueldfell https://t.co/VUkXCOZjwq @devopsdotcom pic.twitter.com/8vvz6Xbwvk

— CloudBees (@electriccloud) July 22, 2016

8DevOps: A Pillar of Modern IT Infrastructure

By @swapnilbhartiya | Published on @LinuxDotCom https://www.linux.com/news/devops-pillar-modern-it-infrastructure
A massive transformation is underway in the way we manage IT infrastructure. More companies are looking for improved agility and flexibility. They are moving from traditional server stacks to cloudy infrastructure to support a new array of applications and services that must be delivered at breakneck pace in order to remain competitive. This transition is as much about people as it is about technology. In traditional data centers there are different IT departments specialized in different pieces -- networking, storage, database, and so on. These silos operate independently. Provisioning new systems is a challenging and time-consuming task.

#DevOps : A Pillar of Modern #IT Infrastructure: https://t.co/Es9bKaP5Mq @LinuxDotCom @swapnilbhartiya pic.twitter.com/ns0RGi4wXZ

— CloudBees (@electriccloud) July 27, 2016

9Security Teams Consulted Too Late On Digital Transformation

By @ThorOlavsrud | Published on @CIOonline http://www.cio.com/article/3097485/security/security-teams-consulted-too-late-on-digital-transformation.html
IT decision-makers who have responsibility for security believe security teams are brought in too late to have a meaningful effect on digital transformation initiatives, according to a new study. Dimensional Research, commissioned by by Dell, recently surveyed 631 IT decision-makers with responsibility for security from companies with 1,000 or more employees in the U.S., U.K., Germany, Australia, Scandinavia and the Benelux region. Ninety-seven percent of respondents report their organizations were investing in digital technologies to transform their business: 72 percent of the respondents said their organizations had active projects in mobile, 68 percent in cloud and 37 percent involving the Internet of Things (IoT) — all areas commonly associated with digital transformation.

Security teams consulted too late on #digitaltransformation : https://t.co/e6jRZNI66z @CIOonline @ThorOlavsrud pic.twitter.com/obcxCTh6KV

— CloudBees (@electriccloud) July 20, 2016

1050 Tips For Improving Your Software Development Game

By @mpron | Published on @TechBeaconCom http://techbeacon.com/50-tips-improving-your-software-development-game
How do you keep improving as a software engineer? Some pieces of advice are valid no matter your experience level, but often the advice will depend on where you are in your career. If you're a beginner, the best advice is to simply learn your language, frameworks, and tools top to bottom and gain more experience with a variety of different projects. If you're an experienced software developer, you should constantly try to find new ways to optimize your code for readability, performance, and maintainability, and then practice making well-reasoned decisions about where to focus time and resources in your code—whether it's testing, performance optimization, or other technical debt.

50 tips for improving your #software development game https://t.co/CG0DWekZ9k @TechBeaconCom @mpron pic.twitter.com/MxaHfqy9RG

— CloudBees (@electriccloud) July 25, 2016

+1Bonus: Do it like a unicorn!

We'll be amiss if we did not mention we had our own big news recently, announcing the industry's first push-button rolling deployments - allowing you to deploy like Etsty and Netflix, without the heavy-scripting and risk overhead.
Check out some of the coverage at The Register and The New Stack below:

CloudBees offers cautious corporates Canary choice https://t.co/hUoLYEc5V7
— The Register (@ElReg) July 20, 2016

CloudBees Automates Rolling Deployments for Zero-Downtime Updates https://t.co/lf2mHHJz7Q @electriccloud

— The New Stack (@thenewstack) July 27, 2016

CloudBees Flow was included in @NetworkWorld 's Products of the Week! https://t.co/pqOV7jM6xZ #DevOps #IT #Agile2016 pic.twitter.com/b5ryjZ36BE
— CloudBees (@electriccloud) July 26, 2016

CloudBees wants to give #DevOps teams the ability to do zero-downtime deployments https://t.co/RbsUfLK9F3 @electriccloud

— SD Times (@sdtimes) July 28, 2016

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