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This week we're rounding up some of the interesting responses we got to our weekly DOES15 Twitter Contest - where you can win a signed copy of Gene Kim's The Phoenix Project, or a free ticket to DOES15 this October in San Francisco!
The contest is still going on. Do you have something to say or experiences to share with the software development community? Now is your chance! Participating is easy! First, check out @DOESSummit on twitter every Tuesday and Thursday to see that day’s poll. Next, tweet your responses with the hashtag #DOES15 to enter for a chance to win.
Every Friday, two participants are selected as weekly winners of The Phoenix Project. Every tweet sent in response to any of our weekly polling questions also counts as an entry for the grand prize – a free pass to DevOps Enterprise Summit! The grand prize winner will be selected on August 14th.
So far, we have been receiving great responses to our queries! Whether it was past lessons learned, predictions for future trends, or – our personal favorite – hilariously awesome DevOps memes and gifs , the DevOps community continues to impress.
Check out the past questions we’ve posed and some of the winning answers, plus honorable mentions we loved reading!

1 What are the top challenges you face in your software delivery today?

Winning Answer:

@DOESsummit #DOES15 developing a compliant environment when developers deploy to production.

— Jennifer Tharp (@tharpo) June 24, 2015

Honorable mentions:

Legacy integrations #DOES15 — Larry (@LarryLarmeu) June 23, 2015

@DOESsummit #DOES15 Level environments and ability to test as end user.

— JP McCrory (@jpminar) June 24, 2015

2What was the first moment you realized this “DevOps thing” really works?

Winning Answer:

@electriccloud @DOESsummit When we were able to deploy, redeploy, edit our production servers in matter of minutes instead of days. #DOES15 — Jim Peluso (@JimPeluso) June 25, 2015

Honorable Mentions:

@electriccloud @DOESsummit #DOES15 When our customers starting seeing 95+ reductions in their cycle times and massive cost reductions
— Steve Brodie (@stbrodie) June 25, 2015

@electriccloud @DOESsummit I don't have personal exp, but I'd guess when the $$$ started coming in - from a biz perspective. #DOES15
— Halie Noble (@HalieNoble) June 25, 2015

3Team Dev or Team Ops, how did you learn to work with the other side?

Winning Answer:

@DOESsummit I've always been on Team #Ops , but understood business has no need for infrastructure with no software ... #DOES15 — Bryan Dady (@bcdady) July 2, 2015

Honorable Mentions:

@DOESsummit #DOES15 by discovering, sharing the joy of #HugOps

— Brent Nelson (@lilydalekid) July 3, 2015

.@DOESsummit #DOES15 Mainly: balancing the need to go fast, with ensuring product quality https://t.co/xaDycyB8Pi — Anders Wallgren (@anders_wallgren) June 24, 2015

4How do you define DevOps?

Winning Answer:

DevOps: Culture change that rivets the cooperation of the dev and ops teams, positively impacting the common goals of the business . #DOES15

— Manny Varela (@ITSM_Manny) July 2, 2015

Honorable Mentions:

“DevOps is the way in which a tech org embeds itself in a business to the benefit of that business” #DOES15 (The rest is implementation) — Boyd E Hemphill (@behemphi) July 1, 2015

@DOESsummit @tomforemski When devs and ops get together to drink beer and color on whiteboards to avoid drama in the War Room. #DOES15
— .: :. (@Hermetec) July 1, 2015

5 What’s your favorite DevOps meme or gif?

Winning Answer:

@doessummit #DOES15 here's a few, feel free to borrow - http://t.co/EA3TrQvcKl — Brian Gracely (@bgracely) July 7, 2015

Honorable Mentions:

"That moment when you're finally "Doing #DevOps ." | #DOES15 @DOESsummit @RealGeneKim @stbrodie @anders_wallgren pic.twitter.com/oxrna9cpCI
— Halie Noble (@HalieNoble) July 7, 2015

DevOps meme party ! @DOESsummit #DOES15 Pre-DevOps: installing new code into production pic.twitter.com/gjcNc8lViY — Kyle Hailey (@virtdata) July 9, 2015

#DOES15 pic.twitter.com/TSnNmABEvr

— Manny Varela (@ITSM_Manny) July 8, 2015

@DOESSUMMIT #DOES15 pic.twitter.com/3LsH9OlwKl — Juan Jimenez (@herdthecats) July 26, 2015

6What is your favorite enterprise IT transformation story, why?

Winning Answer:
@DOESsummit #DOES15 Crowdsource a dev ops cookbook on github
— Steven Carnegie (@CarnegiePDX) July 16, 2015

7What one question would you ask @RealGeneKim if you could?

Winning Answer:

Gene - Who is Brent, really? Inquiring minds need to know... #DOES15 https://t.co/JvrsUfd7k5 — Bill Pelletier (@awpiii) July 15, 2015

Honorable Mentions:

@electriccloud @RealGeneKim "What would you have done differently, 5yrs ago, to improve Ops?" + "What's your pain point, now?" #DOES15
— Pamela Howell (@serendipitousP) July 16, 2015

@RealGeneKim in an old school IT org, big on command and control processes: what would be the first step to introduce DevOps? #DOES15 — mrfito (@mrfito) July 15, 2015

8What is the most interesting part about your job, why?

Winning Answer:

@DOESsummit 'cos of the rush of deploying code to hundreds of servers at a time #DOES15

— Amanpreet Singh (@aps_sids) July 22, 2015

Honorable Mentions:

@DOESsummit I get to help teams all over the country and, potentially, the world tame the chaos of work and achieve results! — Julia Wester (@EverydayKanban) July 22, 2015

@DOESsummit @EverydayKanban @DibbeEdwards Not many places where u can help companies be successful and save wild amounts of time and money.
— Juan Jimenez (@herdthecats) July 22, 2015

9What is the No.1 tip you would like to share with others in our community?

Winning Answer:

Illustrating DevOps results is crucial to long term success. Just make sure biz leaders understand & accept the illustration. #DOES15
— Joe Knape (@joeknape) July 23, 2015

Honorable Mentions:

#DOES15 implement smaller changes as frequently as possible as opposed to big changes periodically @electriccloud @DOESsummit
— Jeremy Douglas (@JerDoug) July 23, 2015

.@DOESsummit #DOES15 Dev? Ops? QA? CEO? BizDev? Sales? Marketing? It's all good, just don't be a knave. http://t.co/JxygMMM2It
— Sam Fell (@samueldfell) July 23, 2015

10 Now, It's YOUR TURN!

Answer the latest question , and be sure to keep an eye out for two more #DOES15 questions next week, as we march towards the grand prize giveaway of a free pass to the 2015 DevOps Enterprise Summit!

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