Weekly Top 10: DevOps’ Transformers and Optimus Equine

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If this week’s top news showed us anything, it’s all about recognizing the “horses” that are leading DevOps transformations – for these are the journey’s taking place that lead enterprise IT organizations to the land of the high-performers (where the unicorns live). It’s not all blue skies and rainbows along this path however, as history has shown that transforming large and complex organizations not only takes a coalition amongst all the stakeholders, but a significant amount of trust and tactical execution. Don’t be dispelled by the “software delivery” myths or think the journey too long and arduous – believe in the processes you establish and learn/adapt every step of the way! Read on for tips, stories and discussions from industry experts around DevOps maturity and what to be wary of on your journey. And, as always, stay tuned to all the news coming from @ElectricCloud on DevOps and Continuous Delivery throughout the week.

1As DevOps Matures, IT Ops Evolve into an IT Service Provider

By @PariseauTT | Published on @TechTarget http://searchdatacenter.techtarget.com/news/450295892/As-DevOps-matures-IT-ops-evolve-into-an-IT-service-provider Embracing DevOps doesn't mean handing over operations completely to developers -- IT ops specialists still have key roles to play. Industry veterans agree IT operations must identify and embrace new ways to add value by becoming internal IT service providers, working in a consultative role with developers, or risk becoming irrelevant.

As #DevOps matures, #IT ops evolve into an IT service provider https://t.co/qokemxZ5xY @PariseauTT @TechTarget pic.twitter.com/WnqGlCZnhM

— CloudBees (@electriccloud) May 11, 2016

2Digital Transformation Strains Traditional IT

By @georgevhulme | Published on @devopsdotcom http://devops.com/2016/03/30/digital-transformation-strains-traditional/ As IT leadership had to do in every other transformative period (and cloud, mobile, data analytics are all transformative) such as the displacement of mainframes by PCs in the 1980s, the rise of the local area network and the arrival of the commercial web in the 1990s, IT is at the center of business strategy. CIOs and IT leadership need to make sure they get themselves out in front of these trends and align the services technologies they are delivering with what their users need.

Digital Transformation Strains Traditional IT https://t.co/F1MxGnerN0 @georgevhulme @devopsdotcom #IT #devops pic.twitter.com/vXdbHvaeMy — CloudBees (@electriccloud) May 12, 2016

3CloudBees Addresses Scaling Issues with Latest Version of CloudBees Flow

By @NorthernTalbot | Published on @FierceDevOps <http://www.fiercedevops.com/story/electric-cloud-addresses-scaling-issues-latest-version-CloudBees Flow/2016-05-10> Scaling out DevOps initiatives is the next big challenge, according to release automation vendor CloudBees. This morning, the company released a new version of its CloudBees Flow release automation product. In the announcement, CloudBees CEO Steve Brodie indicated that industry discussion about DevOps has shifted from how to get started to how to scale initiatives while also addressing security, compliance and governance.

.@electriccloud addresses scaling issues with latest version of CloudBees Flow https://t.co/3ruglwraOW @FierceDevOps @NorthernTalbot #DevOps

— Steve Brodie (@stbrodie) May 11, 2016

4The Benefits of Using Agile Software Development

By @ForbesTechCncl | Published on @Forbes http://www.forbes.com/sites/forbestechcouncil/2016/05/09/the-benefits-of-using-agile-software-development/ Scrum is a flexible and collaborative way to manage a software project. It’s a framework that lets you move quickly and pivot easily when needed. While scrum is favored among many technology leaders, what makes it so attractive for managing projects? Below, technology executives from Forbes Technology Council explain how and why adopting agile methods can help your team achieve their goals.

The Benefits Of Using #Agile #Software #Development https://t.co/vJaY6AB514 @ForbesTechCncl — Anders Wallgren (@anders_wallgren) May 9, 2016

5Agile Approaches to DevOps/CD Adoption

By @B2BNation_IT | Published on @SoundCloud Anders Wallgren is the CTO at CloudBees. In this episode he shares his thoughts on DevOps lessons from large enterprises, the growth of microservices and containers, and more!

Had an interesting conversation with @JoshBland on "Agile Approaches to DevOps/CD Adoption" https://t.co/Zq4ZTFf2f0 @Technology_Adv #DevOps

— Anders Wallgren (@anders_wallgren) May 10, 2016

6How DevOps Can Fix Federal Government IT

By @schwartz_cio | Published on ITRevolution.com http://itrevolution.com/devops-can-fix-federal-government/ There are two words that seem to never go well with each other, bureaucracy and DevOps. Actually, they’re almost complete opposites- bureaucracy is inherently slow and difficult to make significant change within, while DevOps is everything but! Smaller, newer companies are able to implement DevOps practices more easily because they are nimble, and the decision making power lies with small groups or even individuals.

Nice write up from @schwartz_cio on "How #DevOps Can Fix Federal Government #IT https://t.co/Wo00xqwumy #DOES16 pic.twitter.com/IQwDJHdn28 — CloudBees (@electriccloud) May 9, 2016

7Avoiding the ‘Sorcerer’s Apprentice’ Problem of Software Releases

By @anders_wallgren | Published on @ITProPortal http://www.itproportal.com/2016/05/10/avoiding-the-sorcerers-apprentice-problem-of-software-releases/ One of my favorite scenes from Disney’s film Fantasia is that of the ‘Sorcerer’s Apprentice’ (originally, a poem by Goethe). Mickey Mouse, as the apprentice, is being trampled by an army of enchanted, cloned brooms. The brooms multiply automatically in an endless march to get the job done, fetching water in buckets to fill up the room and threatening to drown Mickey in the process. For release managers responsible for software delivery in large organisations, managing the multitude of software releases can feel a lot like drowning or being trampled by an army of brooms.

Avoiding the ‘Sorcerer’s Apprentice’ problem of software releases https://t.co/Ky2itr8pCh @ITProPortal @anders_wallgren #DevOps #Agile — CloudBees (@electriccloud) May 10, 2016

8DevOps Enters the Mainstream: Here’s How to Make it Work for You

By @mark_samuels | Published on @ZDNet http://www.zdnet.com/article/devops-enters-the-mainstream-heres-how-to-make-it-work-for-you/ DevOps is a much-hyped methodology that focuses on cooperation and collaboration between software developers and other more operationally-focused IT professionals. It is closely related to the iterative and efficient techniques used in agile and lean methodologies. DevOps should help IT departments create continually evolving services that closely match business demands: analyst Gartner predicts that 2016 is the year when DevOps will become a mainstream approach used by one in four global organisations.

.#DevOps enters the mainstream: Here's how to make it work for you https://t.co/6eroyAs22h @ZDNet @mark_samuels pic.twitter.com/tqxzklVGKH

— CloudBees (@electriccloud) May 9, 2016

96 Traits Engineers Need to Succeed as IT Leaders

By @MyShar0na | Published on @CIOonline http://www.cio.com/article/3068051/leadership-management/6-traits-engineers-need-to-succeed-as-it-leaders.html Engineers and developers often make the best IT leaders. Not only are they forward-thinking and tech-savvy, but they've already have the trust and the loyalty of your IT team and they know the ins-and-outs of a great culture. If you're looking for good IT leadership, you should start from within your own ranks, says Kathy Harris, managing director of technology executive recruitment firm Harris Allied. Not only will this foster greater trust and engagement, it can be a powerful recruiting tool for other elite talent, Harris says.

6 traits #engineers need to succeed as #IT #leaders https://t.co/FPN3rMIpA1 @CIOonline @MyShar0na pic.twitter.com/IAxWo8GYLJ — Anders Wallgren (@anders_wallgren) May 10, 2016

104 Myths About Containers and Continuous Delivery—It Doesn’t get Easier

By @AppPerfEng | Published on @TechBeaconCom http://techbeacon.com/4-myths-about-containers-continuous-deliveryE28094it-doesnt-get-easier Developers and technology leaders share a growing misconception that containers can somehow automagically create and turbocharge a continuous delivery pipeline. The contention seems to be that containers enable new features to be rolled out and integrated quickly, providing a predictable and reusable environment, supporting fast feedback, and therefore enabling continuous delivery.

4 #myths about #containers & #CD https://t.co/0cv94wiR6w @appperfeng @TechBeaconCom pic.twitter.com/WMnUItoQbb

— CloudBees (@electriccloud) May 11, 2016

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