We Won Best In Show at the Citrix App Challenge

Written by: Electric Bee
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Earlier this week I was invited to the Citrix Synergy conference in Orlando, FL, where I got to go on stage and accept the Best In Show award in their recent App Challenge Hackathon.

Our winning submission presented on the stage at Citrix Synergy
Check out my previous post and short video to learn about my entry - along with my colleague Laurent Rochette - that got us the coveted prize.

At the conference, I had a great time learning about the cool stuff Citrix has been working on. Was impressed at the variety of the presentations - from the iBand to the live demonstration from the Nimble Collective of how they remote desktop via a browser and interact with their 3d visualization software I was really impressed by that demo, and later mentioned that to Citrix employees. They smiled, saying that they worked closely with nVidia to get that level of performance.

The second day, they showed an even cooler demo of the Workspace Hub - in these times of "BYOD" and connected experience- Citrix gave an excellent demo for how you can extend your work space to "follow you" on any device. For example, imagine you're working on the train on your iPad, and upon arriving at the office it automatically connects to a monitor, mouse and keyboard to transfer its display and functionality to your office workstation, so you can seamlessly continue your work.

One common theme that we believe in, and was also echoed by Citrix, is that software is everywhere (and also increasingly being consumed via a mobile device.) It was great fun to see all the recent development from Citrix and the supporting community, and we look forward to productizing our recent Hack as we continue to enhance our offering.

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