Trying new things: How would you extend ElectricCommander

Written by: Electric Bee
2 min read
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Every so often I get the urge to try new things. Recently I have been neglecting the Microsoft side of my skill set. I decided to rectify that and am now armed and dangerous with Windows 8 and Visual studio 2012. Alas, no windows phone or Win RT tablet to play with but enough to have some fun with. My sudden urge to jump into some C# coding reminded me of why I became interested in computing. The reason was to have fun creating cool things. I'm far removed from being the kid locked in his bedroom learning 68000 assembler on a Commodore Amiga A500 but the urge to do cool things is still there. How does this relate to CloudBees products? ElectricCommander has an extensible UI using either CGI scripts or GWT code. I've written a couple of dashboards for fun which were easy to create using GWT. For a moment imagine you know a bit about GWT development and the ElectricCommander SDK. What sort of dashboards or UI extensions would you find interesting to create? Email ideas to and I'll write a blog post about how to create a prototype of an interesting idea and put the source on GitHub.

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