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At CloudBees we are passionate about bringing Agile, Lean, DevOps and Continuous Delivery practices to the enterprise – but we are not the only ones. Every day we keep our fingers on the constant pulse of news and idea sharing that is proliferating around the ecosystem and social media - and we share it with you guys via twitter.
Many of you comment and share right back with us -- and it’s your favorites, retweets, and replies that give us great insight into what the DevOps and Continuous Delivery communities find most valuable.
In light of that, as we gear up for the second annual DOES conference in October 2015 , we will share the top industry news stories and blog posts according to our followers - That’s you! Every week we recap the most compelling DevOps and Continuous Delivery content and the ‘need-to-know ideas’ all of your peers are talking about.

This week’s theme: “A Continuous Culture”

The practices and methodologies we believe in in the DevOps community are no walk in the park, but avoiding them for fear of failing is the only path that guarantees failure. To stay competitive, every business – from finance to hospitality, must tout agility and embrace risk taking or the traditional solutions they offer will be disrupted by others who don’t.
This week, The New York Times took steps to “Capitalize on Continuous Delivery ” and Interop announced interactive sessions that will “Start The IT Conversation” for those ready to take action and combat the impending irrelevance organizations without initiative face.
In a blog post from Editor Alan Shimel (@ashimmy), he talks about the rise “Continuous Improvement” and how Continuous Delivery, automation and faster acceleration are unexpected answers to so many of software deliveries largest problems. Cleverly titled, his post “Continuous is the new Black ,” was our top most engaged with industry news tweet this week and serves as a great introduction into what we mean by the “continuous culture” we see spreading across industries, “We have gone from the city that never sleeps to a world that is continuous. That’s right, it seems along with the world shrinking, it is always on, someone is always watching or doing. Continuous has become the new black.”

  1. “Continuous is the new Black” –
“Nowhere is this more true than in IT. We have Continuous Delivery, Continuous Integration, Continuous Testing, Continuous Monitoring, continuous this, continuous that, continuous everywhere. Infosec is not immune to this either. We are trying to protect against continuous attacks by deploying continuous scanning, continuous threat protection, continuous monitoring, all of it part of our continuous security.”

Continuous is the new Black, per @ashimmy : #continuousdelivery #devops @devopsdotcom
— DOES Summit (@DOESsummit) April 13, 2015

    1. “The DevOps Mindset” - InfoQ DevOps promises to break down the barriers between developers and systems operators, but success with DevOps hinges on the company's culture and flexibility.

The #DevOps Mindset: @InfoQ @savitapahuja — DOES Summit (@DOESsummit) April 13, 2015

    1. “Software -- And DevOps -- Are Eating The World” - Forbes “Companies in industries as diverse as banking and manufacturing are realizing that in order to remain competitive, they must become software-driven organizations. From customer-driven digital transformation to cloud computing for the back office, software is eating the world – one enterprise at a time.”

Software- *And #DevOps * -Are Eating The World, "The result is organizations at #velocity " @TheEbizWizard @forbes
— DOES Summit (@DOESsummit) April 14, 2015

  1. “Governments bringing the digital 'doers' inhouse” - EnterpriseInnovation
The emergence of digital services teams is a push to bring a leaner, more flexible, startup culture into government: an acknowledgement of sorts that the traditional ‘siloed’ government approach to service delivery won’t work in the information age.

  1. “Tech organizations should be centered around the business tech agenda” - ComputerWeekly
“Faster, better, cheaper – and don’t forget, with better service. The age of the customer is upon us and technology-fueled, customer-led disruption will continue to arrive unexpectedly on the doorstep of businesses, because customers expect nothing less”.

  1. “Interop Roundtables: Start The IT Conversation” - InformationWeek
“Interop is debuting roundtable sessions at Interop Las Vegas. These sessions aim to facilitate discussions among attendees and Interop instructors. They are a casual and interactive environment where you can share ideas and opinions with your peers.’

  1. “Improving on Git-flow for continuous delivery” - InfoWorld
“Git makes it easier than ever before to branch work, rewrite history, and merge/rebase from one branch to another, but the result can be a kind of branch chaos. The need to take an official release from some authoritative source ultimately collides with that chaos and makes Git hard to live with. The Git-flow model, proposed some years ago, solves that problem by defining structure and process.”

  1. “DevOps spreads into mainstream corporate IT” - ComputerWeekly
“DevOps DevOps will shift from being a niche approach to application development and deployment and move into the mainstream over the next 12 months or so, according to Gartner.
In fact, so appealing will this grassroots philosophy prove that it will be taken up by a quarter of Global 2000 organisations, creating a software tools market forecast to leap in size by 21.1 from $1.9bn last year to $2.3bn in 2015, the market researcher believes.”

  1. “NY Times IT capitalizes on continuous delivery to move faster” – The Enterprisers Project
“We need to slow down so we can speed up,”…. we need to stop a lot of what we’re doing so we can implement 'continuous delivery' (CD). CD and its cousin, 'lean product development,' have been all the rage in Silicon Valley since 2011…”

  1. “DARPA’s strategy for 100-year software” - GCN
“An axiom of systems design is that the more complex the system, the harder it is to understand and, therefore, the harder it is to manage. When it comes to cybersecurity, that principle is what bad actors rely on to get their malware through enterprise defenses”
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