Process automation and orchestration as seen at JavaOne

Written by: Electric Bee
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This year I got the chance to attend JavaOne. I attended some interesting sessions and there was quite a buzz around the show compared to last year.

As I have worked in the development tools space for most of my career I couldn't help checking out all things related to process automation.

Build automation was frequently demonstrated using open source software. Unfortunately, trying to add any level of sophisticated workflow management usually involved custom code, plugins and so on. I'll admit that some of the plugins were quite nice but I couldn't help but notice that as an end to end solution the tools I saw did not come close to the CloudBees platform.

Workflows in Electric Commander are extremely powerful, allowing for both automated and manual transitions between states which makes implementing manual approvals in a process incredibly easy. Add to that the fine grained access control and you have the ability to deliver a self service solution that ensures that the right person can do the right thing at the right time with the added bonus of traceability.

A while ago I created a video tutorial of how to create a simple workflow in Electric Commander and posted it to YouTube. Take a look at the video and see how easy it is to make workflows in Electric Commander that will help you transform your end to end process.

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