LIFX smart lightbulb build notifier plugin

I recently was given a gift from a friend for a notable birthday of a wifi-enabled smart lightbulb called a “LIFX” - thanks to the “internet of things” we now have even more things connected to our home wifi network. I was also given a raging hangover but that is not what I am writing about here.



The LIFX bulb connects to your wifi network and you can control it from various smartphone apps and such. It also has some APIs specifically for controlling bulbs on a local network - including an Android one - which someone has adapted to be a generic java/jvm api **.

It was then obvious, and quite easy - to use this api to build a plugin that acts as a built notifier - especially after I was dared to by the friend that gave me the gift. So I did.

This works by using the api to discover the bulbs on the local network - and then changing the light (pale white means building, red means failure, green means success) - no configuration necessary.





Jenkins dashboard





The plugin is available in the update center as “lifx-notifier”. It is quite basic and fun now - and will change all the lights it can find (this caused some mayhem at home when I was testing it).

See the plugin here and find out about LIFX here - the bulbs were about USD99 a piece at the time of writing - and a a lot of fun, and could well make an amusing build indicator - the plugin code is near trivial - pull requests welcome.

** There is also an up-and-coming cloud based REST api (as they are working with Nest Labs/Google on integrating with cloud services so you can control lights from outside your network - but I thought the local auto discovery API with no config was a more fun place to start).

UPDATE: here is a video of it in action (see it flickers to white while the short build runs). Sounds not included (had to enlist some kids to press the button while I filmed it on the roof).