Get Ripped! Jenkins + Docker = Industrial Strength Continuous Delivery

Written by: Heidi Gilmore
4 min read
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To learn more about how the community is using Docker, we have a short survey (will take five minutes). You can take it anonymously, but if you provide your name and email address, we will enter you into a drawing* for the newest Star Wars hero, BB-8!
(*See the legal stuff below.)

There is a lot of interest within the Jenkins community about the use of Docker containers as part of continuous integration/continuous delivery pipelines. DevOps teams are flocking to container technology (including Kubernetes and Mesos, too) as a way to accelerate the delivery of software applications, while ensuring that the environments between development, testing/staging and production are uniform.

Container technology enables continuous delivery practices, speeding software through the pipeline and into production. Teams formerly mired in manual tasks are now able to focus on value-add activities that improve the overall software delivery process. The end result is a quality release and closer teamwork between development and operations to make deployments frequent, smooth and uneventful. Teams are not dealing with issues caused by environmental differences and discovered in production, when the system crashes. The finger-pointing of the old days is gone. This happy result is not all because of container technology – but containers greatly facilitate the path to continuous delivery practices and a DevOps culture.

CloudBees has collaborated with the Jenkins community to develop a series of six Docker plugins for Jenkins . As a result of these plugins, the ability of Jenkins to support Docker container technology is deep and broad. Similarly for Kubernetes – the community has also developed several plugins for it.

We need to help the Jenkins community get the word out far and wide that Jenkins provides this level of deep support for Docker, accelerating software pipelines and speeding the flow of software into production. CloudBees decided to do just that - and to have some fun, too!

You have most likely seen at least one of the images (left, below) on social media – and hopefully multiples of them – playfully communicating the power of Jenkins + Docker. Be sure to catch the webinar about Jenkins and Docker on November 19 at 12:00pm EST, too.

We hope you’ll share the images you like most – and that they will spur you to learn more about Jenkins and Docker!

Additional Resources:

JENKINS + DOCKER IMAGES (click for full-size image)

Legal Stuff:

We’ve got to say it somewhere, so here’s the fine print about the survey:

  • The survey will be open from November 3 to December 20, 2015. If you submit a completed survey, we will enter you into a drawing for a BB-8 Droid! And yeah, you can only enter the contest once, so please don’t over-stuff the survey box. After the survey closes, we’ll draw a name to choose the winner.

  • Eligibility stuff:

    • You must be 18 years old or older (20 or older in Japan).

    • You must live in a country that is not under embargo by the United States, so that we can ship the BB-8 Droid to you.

  • The winner is responsible for any federal, state and local taxes, import taxes/duties and any other fees that may apply.

  • This survey is administered by CloudBees, Inc., 16192 Coastal Highway Lewes, Delaware 19958. If you’d like to send us feedback or have questions, please email us at: info AT


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