Gearing Up for DevOps Enterprise Summit: This Year's DOES Boasts Star-studded Agenda Featuring Real-World Case Studies and Best Practices

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The second annual DevOps Enterprise Summit is just two months away and we could not be more excited for the amazing lineup of speakers that will share their insights and knowledge of IT transformations in the enterprise. With twice as many attendees expected and more than 90 speakers lined-up from a vast variety of organizations and industries, this year’s event promises to blow our inaugural event out of the water.
We have several familiar faces joining us once again on the DOES stage to share how their DevOps journey has evolved . These include Jason Cox , director of systems engineering at the Walt Disney Company; Em Campbell-Pretty, partner at Context Matters ; and, Ross Clanton and Heather Mickman of Target . Also returning will be Carmen DeArdo, Courtney Kissler, Tapabrata Pal, Terri Potts, Scott Prugh and many more amazing faces from the first event.
As thrilled as we are to have those tech leaders returning to the stage, we are also excited to welcome new minds that will share experiences and lead conversations this October. Jim Stoneham, former VP, Yahoo! Communities ; distinguished engineer at Microsoft, Jeffery Snover; founder & DevOps analyst at Fixate.IO , Chris Riley; and, Dominica DeGrandis, director of training and coaching at Leankit, are just a few of the new faces you will see present at DOES 2015.
Looking at themes, one of the largest takeaways from last year’s event was the importance of culture and how it can “eat process for lunch.” This year, culture will clearly be an important topic once again as several of our speakers will focus on the people and organizational dynamics of DevOps transformations. For instance, Campbell-Pretty will speak on “From Teams to Tribes: Creating a “One Team” Culture ;” Clanton and Mickman will share their experience “(Re)Building an Engineering Culture: DevOps at Target ;” and, J. Paul Reed and Kevina Finn-Braun, directors of site reliability at Salesforce talk, “The Blameless Cloud: Bringing Actionable Retrospectives to Salesforce ,” promises to answer “how do we create a sustainable, actionable process for describing, exploring and remedying failure?”
This year’s conference also will highlight successful approaches that many of our largest organizations use when faced with the growing challenges of a productive digital transformation. We have speakers representing the federal government , and others entrenched in compliance and regulation mandates. Examples include: Terri Potts and Michael W, Smith of Raytheon Software, “Melting the Glacier: Introducing DevOps to a Federal Systems Integrator ” and Ajo Rajappan and Romana Jackson, Continuous Delivery at the massive Cisco IT .
We also have several speakers from the financial industry joining us at DOES 2015. Jon Harding, senior VP of DevOps engineering lead at Bank of America , and Mark Wanish, the bank’s senior VP and tech executive will share “From Idea to Implementation: DevOps Enabled Agile Transformation in the Banking Industry. ” Others include Carmen DeArdo from NationWide speaking on DevOps and insurance industry in “How DevOps is Enabling Lean Application Development ;” and DevOps evangelist, Kris Buytaert and manager Evelijn Ban Leeuwen, of ING presenting “Turning around the Containership .” DOES14 alumni, Tapabrata Pal from Capital One , will return to speak on Shortening the Feedback Loop and creating a DevOps dashboard.
E-commerce, consumer technology and telecom promise to be hot topics again this year as well, as we continue to see the importance of the digital revolution in those industries. Besides the software experts at Target , Kissler from Nordstrom will take the DOES stage again and Josh Steckler from Bose Corporation will speak on “Automating Automation: Build Environments, On-Demand .” We also have folks from both Verizon and Western Union sharing insights into consumer-focused and telecom strategies.
Those are some of the highlights you can look forward to at this year’s event – an impressive line-up of enterprise software experts! Regardless of your vertical industry, technical focus or responsibilities, DOES15 offers something significant and compelling to help you move your programs forward.
We appreciate all of the great presenters participating in this year’s event and hope to see you at the DevOps Enterprise Summit, October 19-21, in San Francisco!

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