DevOps Metrics Trends: Visualization in DevOptics

Written by: Alex Tacho
1 min read
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Context is key. Especially when it comes to measuring performance. To understand what a metric means you need to understand how you got there. The metric itself only says so much. To be able to assess the current state of performance you need to understand change over time and if it improved or declined.

CloudBees DevOptics already provides key DevOps performance metrics for your software delivery system as averages across a certain timeframe:

  • Deployment Frequency (DF)
  • Mean Lead Time (MLT)
  • Mean Time to Recovery (MTTR)
  • Change Failure Rate (CFR) 

And now it lets you see if these performance metrics improved or declined over time. It shows metrics trends to identify changes of performance at the value stream level and the gate level based on a chosen period of time. These trends can be shown on a breakdown per day, week or month .

It enables you to see if the actions taken to improve stability or increased throughput actually had the expected impact. To further drill in to see what happened in detail you can export these metrics to .csv .

Additionally, DevOptics added gate level metrics, splitting up lead time into queue, processing and idle time.

If you need to report on key DevOps metrics and are interested in value stream management, get in touch and learn how CloudBees DevOptics can help you improve your software delivery process.

Or start using CloudBees DevOptics Free to get the visibility and insights to measure, manage and improve your software delivery platform.

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Alex Tacho is director of product management for CloudBees DevOptics. Prior to working at CloudBees, he was director of product management at CodeShip. At CodeShip, he was involved in building a continuous integration and delivery service to help product and engineering teams automate and improve their software delivery workflows.

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