Development team focused on engineering processes rather than innovation?

Written by: Electric Bee
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Is your software development team mired in thousands of hours building, fixing, and running engineering processes? Like many of your peer organizations, it’s a fact that engineers hired to design, develop and create innovative software products spend a good chunk of their time developing supporting tools to enable them to do their jobs.
Recently, Brocade, one of CloudBees’s networking customers, shared their story with us. Brocade’s solutions are used in 90 of Global 1,000 data centers as well as in enterprise LANs and the largest service provider networks. Running these solutions is innovative software written by the Brocade engineering team that is distributed across the globe. Over the last 5 years, Brocade's code has more than doubled in size, both organically and through acquisitions as a normal part of business to deliver top-notch solutions.
Violet Jen, Director of Engineering at Brocade and Umnesh Shastri shared how they freed up their engineering team’s time from the ‘drudgery, must-do’ tasks of engineering processes by more than 76,000 engineering hours per year. Brocade engineers now spend these hours innovating and creating high-quality industry leading products. Not just that, Violet’s engineering team was able to bring in this transformation in less than 3 days.
In just 3 days, Brocade's global engineering organization:
· Reduced its software build times by more than 75 even as their code base doubled in size.
· Virtually eliminated build errors enabling engineers to focus more on innovation rather than fixing broken builds.
· Adopted this successful approach without forcing engineers to learn to use new tools or modify their existing processes.
To learn more, I would encourage you to listen to the webinar CloudBees hosted last week.

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