CloudBees Helps Top Networking Vendor Go Green

Written by: Electric Bee
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In my 2 years at CloudBees I have talked to innumerable Dev and Ops prospects and customers - I thought I had heard it all. I pretty much knew all the use cases that drove teams to look for solutions like our:

  • Faster application time-to–market

  • Improved software quality

  • Improved developer productivity

  • Better development process visibility

  • Optimize resource utilization

So imagine my surprise when one of our premier customer told us of a new value proposition – CloudBees has helped them go green. And that is exactly what this top-3 networking equipment vendor has been able to achieve with CloudBees.
Let me explain more: As many of you know, CloudBees enables our customers to pool resources and use these resources more efficiently in the development process. Since the resource demands from Dev teams vary dramatically by phase and time of the project (architecting, developing, building/testing, releasing etc.) - pooling and sharing of resources across Dev teams makes a lot of sense. So now, instead of providing dedicated infrastructure to every Dev team, enterprise IT can provide pooled resources for Dev teams to share and use optimally. And the benefits are very clear - developers are happy since they get a resource when they need it; and IT is relieved that Dev is no longer complaining that IT is not supporting them well.
And pooled infrastructure is exactly what this networking customer has implemented using the CloudBees solution. The customer is now seeing a dramatic increase in resource utilization. But along the way, the customer has also seen a dramatic reduction in the number of resources used to support Dev (more sharing = more utilization = fewer resources). And with fewer resources they are also seeing dramatic reduction in their energy costs (less resource = less energy costs). In fact, this customer is now able to support the same number of users with the half the resources and half the energy costs. Which in the case of this customer, runs into millions of dollars. And all of this makes the Dev team and the IT team very happy.
As CloudBees, we cannot claim all the green benefits that this customer has accrued. But we are glad to play a role in helping this company go greener.
If you are struggling with your runaway infrastructure spend or energy costs, give us a call. We can describe the journey of this customer and put you on the same "green" path.

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