CloudBees DevOptics Feature Spotlight: Jira Integration

Written by: Alex Tacho
3 min read
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In the course of building software, we create a lot of important information. A huge amount in fact! This information is in many forms. It is part of the products we are building, for example source code, but also information used to manage development and delivery of software such as work items and tickets, or build jobs and pipeline definitions.

A best of breed tooling approach has naturally risen to the forefront. But of course, this leads to a situation where all of this information is located in different tools and systems.

As part of value stream management, it is not only important to connect the different processes but also the information created and needed as part of the software development lifecycle.

CloudBees DevOptics connects the major sources of information in one place as part of value stream management - source code management, Jira and Jenkins jobs. That enables you to have one place to get a holistic picture of what work is where in the delivery system.

CloudBees DevOptics integrates out of the box with Jira and surfaces what tickets are where within the value stream and also detailed information about the ticket and the associated commits.

CloudBees DevOptics creates context through connections

CloudBees DevOptics tracks the tickets as they flow through the value stream from gate to gate as development progresses and artifacts are delivered to or used in later gates.

Within a gate all tickets tracked at this gate are shown highlighting ticket details, like title and status, but also status of the Jenkins run that processed the associated commits from this ticket.

Lastly, by clicking on a ticket, CloudBees DevOptics shows ticket description and associated commits.

Jira integration options

CloudBees DevOptics Jira Direct Connect integrates directly with Jira Software Cloud and Jira Software Server, in addition to the option to connect through the proxy in our CloudBees DevOptics Plugin which is running on your Jenkins instance.

That allows easy setup and management of your Jira integration and enables you to get the most out of real-time value stream management with DevOptics.

If you are interested in value stream management with CloudBees DevOptics, get in touch and learn how the product can help you with your DevOps transformation journey and improve your software delivery process .

Alex Tacho is director of product management for CloudBees DevOptics. Prior to working at CloudBees, he was director of product management at CodeShip. At CodeShip, he was involved in building a continuous integration and delivery service to help product and engineering teams automate and improve their software delivery workflows.

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