Announcing Value Stream Modeling in CloudBees DevOptics Free

Written by: Michael Baldani
2 min read
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Applications are getting more complex every day. As an industry, we are advancing how we architect our systems and deliver services for these applications to become more efficient and effective.

Breaking down your application into microservices can largely decrease the complexity of developing and deploying single decoupled components. At the same time, the overall system becomes more complex since more components are involved.

Value stream management helps you understand and improve the software delivery process and surfaces important DevOps metrics around throughput and stability of the overall system. Getting this visibility requires mapping of your software system and connecting different components and processes.

In a microservices world, you need the ability to model loosely coupled services as part of your overall, more complex system, to better understand if and how they are connected.

Last year at DevOps World | Jenkins World, we announced the availability of CloudBees DevOptics Free, the free-forever version that lets users monitor their CD automation platform to ensure it is supporting all product development activities.

For DevOps World | Jenkins World 2019, we made Free even better! We are happy to announce the availability of value stream modeling included in CloudBees DevOptics Free!

Now you can start modeling your software delivery process with value streams to get real-time visibility and actionable insights into your software delivery process to measure, manage and improve DevOps performance.

Additional to CD platform monitoring, CloudBees DevOptics Free now lets you:

  • Map value streams to connect teams, tools and applications

  • Access deployment frequency metrics to measure delivery velocity

  • Benchmark and track performance across teams and value streams

Value stream modeling will give you better visibility into your software delivery process and allow you to:

  • Track changes

  • Detect stalled or delayed changes

  • Identify failures or blockages

  • View contributing components

CloudBees DevOptics connects data across the toolchain to help you optimize your end-to-end software delivery.

Review the documentation on how to create a value stream.

Sign up for CloudBees DevOptics Free , or sign in to start mapping your value streams today!

Also, be sure to visit the CloudBees DevOptics booth while at DevOps World | Jenkins World 2019 to learn all about the product.

Register for DevOps World | Jenkins World 2019 and get 20% off using the promo discount code CBPROD20 upon checkout.

We look forward to seeing you at the event!

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