Meet the Bees: Rachel Cook

Written by: Georgiana Patru
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The Power of Authenticity

Meet Rachel Cook, enterprise account executive in Texas

With a background in recruiting, Rachel Cook knows exactly what question to ask and how to ask it; and "confidence,” she says, goes a long way. “Delivering an uncomfortable question with confidence makes all the difference and typically, puts people more at ease.”

In fact, confidence is what helped Rachel land her position as an enterprise account executive. 

“Applying for a job online is typically a black hole; I knew I needed to get in front of people. I knew I needed to make a case for myself, especially as I was transitioning into a new industry.” So that’s exactly what she did.

“I looked up the hiring manager and emailed him saying ‘I know I’m not the traditional candidate, but here are all the reasons you should talk to me.’ He said I was right – he wouldn’t have looked at my application – but now, I had his attention,” she recalls

After accepting the job, Rachel quickly realized she scored big with CloudBees. "I could tell almost immediately that I had hit the jackpot with my hiring manager. I believe culture is comprised of the people who are part of the team. The people who I interacted with at the start, were definitely the people I was looking for,” she says. "They genuinely care about investing in their team and helping people grow. Something that resonates with me. I’m definitely an all-in team player.” 

As an enterprise account executive, Rachel oversees a number of named accounts; from Fortune 100 who are active clients, to greenfields. "My job is twofold; it’s account management and relationship management. For the account, I’m constantly asking, ‘Is the client happy? Are they using our product?’ And for relationship management, it’s all about open-ended Q&A.”

Authentic communication, Rachel says, is paramount when managing both accounts and relationships. "There is no replacement for being authentic and genuine. It puts people at ease. When we’re real with each other, that becomes very clear,” she says. Little things like starting a meeting with a joke, Rachel notes, go a long way towards breaking the monotony of endless video calls and humanizes all of us. This is when real connection can occur.

When asked what the future looks like, Rachel says there’s a lot to be excited about working at CloudBees. "We’re pushing the envelope; it’s always been about making the product better. There’s no ‘if it ain’t broke don’t fix it mentality’ at CloudBees,” she explains. "We have a lot more autonomy to create and do things, which is really exciting if you’re creative, empowering and like to make change.”

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