Building Android Maven apps with Jenkins

In this post, I will explain how to build an Android Maven application using Jenkins. I will use the source code from the repository of my colleague Mark Prichard, who made a copy of the DroidFish project on his own GitHub repository (

The first step is to create a Maven project on Jenkins so we can specify the pom.xml file on the Jenkins job.

Maven project

Once you have created the maven project, the next step is to link the job with the GitHub repository which will be used. (



Maven SCM



Now, we can specify where the pom.xml file is and what are the goals for the maven project as a build option.
Maven build

We have almost finished, but unfortunately the CuckooChess.jar ( is not present on Maven Central repository, so we will add it manually into the build. For this, we will add this commands to our shell script as a part of a pre-step build.



Maven Pre Steps




This package is used in the pom.xml as a dependency.


GitHub reposity used: