Delivering the "Smarts" to the Smart Car - Watch the Webinar Replay

Written by: Electric bee

The market for intelligent connected cars will reportedly be $50B by 2020. For the largest part these cars will be differentiated by the embedded software applications that run in the vehicle, as well as backend services that run in the cloud.
This is a boon to driver convenience and safety, however what happens when the software doesn’t work? When errors are found, how can we ensure that software is kept up-to-date without requiring a recall?
We hosted a Webinar yesterday with Arynga, a leader & innovator in vehicle software management solutions, who discuss how their OTA (over the air) technology allows companies to deliver better software more frequently to their customers.
Watch the replay to learn how to:

  • Accelerate Agile testing to improve quality of verification and validation

  • Enable secure and efficient management of OTA updates at scale

  • Power integrated Continuous Delivery processes from ideation through realization to final production release.

Watch the webinar

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