ClickStart: Java EE 6 KitchenSink App in One Click

Written by: Harpreet Singh
3 min read

Earlier this week, I wrote about the productivity boosts offered by the ClickStart application templates feature.

The essence of the earlier blog is: ClickStarts are like Maven archetypes but on some serious steroids. A ClickStart template sets up the project code, sets up the corresponding repository, Jenkins job, sets up the database and deploys the application. So, with just a click, developers have a development-to-deployment environment ready. They can just leap in and start coding.

This blog uses a non-trivial Java EE 6 application to illustrate this feature. The most popular Java EE app in the wild is the JBoss KitchenSink application. The KitchenSink application is a web application that demonstrates a number of Java EE 6 technologies like JAX-RS, JSF, EJBs and uses JPA/Hibernate to connect to a database backend.

Here are the steps to get a JBoss KitchenSink application running.

  • Click on the ClickStart menu entry on the toolbar within your CloudBees account. Alternatively, click on the "Deploy Instantly to CloudBees" button at the end of this blog.

Image 1: Toolbar

  • A wizard pops up and shows you a bunch of app templates. Choose the Java EE 6 Web Profile card.

  • Enter your application name. The top panel on the wizard shows you the services that this template uses. In this case a source code repository, a database, a Jenkins build and a web app type archetype.

Image 2: Application name panel

  • Click "Create App". This operation takes about a couple of minutes (we are setting up Jenkins, building a maven project and downloading libraries that the project requires).

You now have a fully functioning development to (continuous) deployment environment with the JBoss KitchenSink application. You can see the deployed application here.

Java EE 6 Deployed application URL

Image 3: Deployed application URL

The wizard lists out the resources created and you can use it to jump to the resources.

Java EE 6 App resources created

Image 4: App resources created

Summarizing: to get a complete development-to-deployment environment setup for a Java EE 6 web application, all you need to do is think hard, really hard and choose a good name :-) -- the PaaS does the rest!

More information on ClickStarts can be found here. My next blog will take a different application type and get into details of the created resources.

That's it! Really!


Harpreet Singh
Senior Director, Product Management

Harpreet has 12 years of experience in the software industry. Prior to CloudBees, he was at Oracle and Sun for 10 years in various roles, including leading the marketing efforts for Java EE 6 and GlassFish 3.1. He was also product manager for Hudson, launching it within Sun's GlassFish Portfolio.

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