Backup Jenkins to the Cloud

Written by: Alvaro Lobato
2 min read

CloudBees has released a new version of its CloudBees Backup plugin . With this new version, you will be able to backup CloudBees Jenkins Operations Center and CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise instances directly to Amazon S3 and Azure Blob Storage.

Until now, users who wanted to store their backups on one of these cloud services first had to backup to a local filesystem and use some sort of automation to upload it to the desired cloud service. With this new version, the process is fully automated and easy to setup for the other available destinations.

To setup a backup to Amazon S3, in your backup job, select "Amazon S3" as destination. Next select the credentials of type AWS Credentials to login to S3 or leave them blank to use IAM Role Credentials.

You also will need to choose the AWS Region, S3 Bucket Name and S3 Bucket Folder to store the backups. Optionally, you can enable Server Side Encryption for increased security.

In case you want to backup to Azure Blob Storage, select Azure Blob Storage as the destination and type the container name and folder to store the backup. The container must already exist on your azure account.

For the connection you can choose whether to use the Azure Instance configuration if you are running on Azure or to provide an account name and a key for that account name by creating a credential of type "Secret Text" and selecting it on the Credentials field.

That's all. When the job is run, the backup will be created and uploaded to the selected service.

Álvaro Lobato
Senior Software Engineer​

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