Agile Won’t Scale Without Automation: Performance Inefficiencies

Written by: Electric bee

This is part two of a five part series where we will present five distinct challenges that if left unaddressed will drastically reduce an organization’s ability to gain the benefits promised by a move to Agile development methods. For complex modern applications, a single pass through the software build-test-deploy process can consume a substantial amount of time. Agile exacerbates this issue by requiring dozens to hundreds of builds each week, each of which may necessitate thousands of compilations. To make things worse, the number of mandatory tests necessary to validate all these compilations also grows exponentially. By dividing these processes into smaller, more manageable segments, automation leverages the power of parallel processing to spread the work across multiple systems. These distributed platforms then work together to deliver results more quickly than ever before. Administrators can further optimize this process by tuning dependencies and minimizing network traffic. Come back next week for the third installment of the 5 week series continuing with error-prone processes.

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