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CloudBees and AWS

Accelerate software delivery through seamless collaboration. CloudBees® makes it easy for teams to focus on delivering features with the flexibility of choosing the right continuous delivery stack for their needs. Companies can scale their operations in a centralized manner without having to worry about infrastructure restricting the growth. You can find CloudBees within the AWS Marketplace, and you can now find CloudBees CI on the AWS GovCloud Marketplace.

CloudBees CI add-on for Amazon EKS blueprints

AWS EKS Blueprints and CloudBees CI have joined forces to streamline the deployment of robust continuous integration solutions on AWS EKS, leveraging the power of Infrastructure as Code. This partnership simplifies the process, adheres to best practices, and significantly accelerates deployment times, allowing developers at any level to excel in their Kubernetes projects with the latest innovations and intelligent capabilities from CloudBees CI at their fingertips.


CloudBees Platform

CloudBees Platform products enable enterprises to optimize their software delivery process for increased innovation and security by connecting, automating and orchestrating the tools and functions across development, operations and shared service teams. CloudBees Platform is now available on AWS Marketplace.

AWS Platform Partner CloudBees Software Delivery Automation

CloudBees and AWS Outposts

AWS Outposts is a fully managed service that offers the same AWS Infrastructure, AWS services, APIs and tools to virtually any datacenter, co-location space or on-premise facility for a truly consistent hybrid experience. AWS Outposts allows users to run CloudBees on EKS within their own datacenter to allow for flexibility and control. Maintain control whether you're running in your own datacenter with Outposts or in an AWS virtual private cloud.

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Solutions For All Teams

CloudBees for Developers

Implement enterprise-scale CI/CD without the infrastructure management. Spend less time on admin tasks and more time coding. Increase efficiency and speed to release to decrease context-switching.

CloudBees for Admins

Create and share templates, policies, best practices and democratize knowledge across disparate development teams. Provide enterprise team services like self-service master provisioning and dynamically shared build agents. Centrally enforce common security practices across masters with role-based access control, SSO, and credentials management.

Amazon EC2 Spot Ready Program

Joining the Amazon EC2 Spot Ready Program differentiates CloudBees as an AWS Partner Network (APN) member with a product that works with Amazon EC2 Spot Instances and is generally available for and fully supports AWS customers. The Amazon EC2 Spot Ready Program helps customers identify AWS Partner products that can help them benefit from Amazon EC2 Spot savings for their workloads. The program also ensures that customers will have a well architected and cost-optimized solution available to them through their Amazon EC2 Spot Partner offering.

CloudBees and AWS Customer Stories

Morningstar Powers Market Momentum with CloudBees Platform

To stay ahead of nimble competitors, Morningstar turned to CloudBees to build a faster, more automated and consistent software delivery platform. To streamline deployments to the cloud; CloudBees provides plugins to allow teams to create procedures that use the AWS SDK to perform deployments. Learn more about how Morningstar automated its pipelines from development to production and empower teams on a unified software platform with consistent approaches and minimal downtime and failures.

Salesforce Migrates DevOps to AWS with CloudBees CI

Salesforce empowers software developers to create high-quality, secure enterprise apps on its platform by moving development operations to the cloud using CloudBees CI and Amazon EKS.

Native to Amazon Elastic Container Service for Kubernetes

CloudBees is a proven, fully-featured, cloud native continuous delivery (CD) solution.

CloudBees Fully Integrates with Amazon EKS

For organizations modernizing their application architecture with Kubernetes and containerization, CloudBees is a proven, fully-featured, cloud native continuous delivery (CD) solution. Built on Jenkins, it provides a shared, centrally managed CD solution to onboard teams and projects in a true, self-service model. CloudBees leverages deep integrations with Kubernetes, simplifying management for tools administrators and adding a layer of security and compliance.

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