Build a cloud native CI/CD workflow in 2 mins - yes, really!

Written by: Bryan Elanko
3 min read

CloudBees platform is your sandbox for innovation. 

We want to empower every developer to embark on something innovative as quickly as possible. Our testament to this obsession starts with how easy it is to create a truly cloud native CI/CD workflow with our platform - create and execute a build, scan, and deploy workflow within 2 minutes!

Here’s how. 

STEP 1- Set up your initial credentials 

Start at You have multiple ways to sign up - ex: using your GitHub and Google accounts - to streamline the process. We’ll use the example of signing up via email here. Enter your email address and password. Verify your email following that. 

STEP 2 - Install your GitHub app 

You’re now officially signed into your account! Choose your pathway: Run a sample workflow or CI insights for Jenkins. Choose the first path (‘Run a sample workflow’) for this scenario. Select GitHub as your provider. Install the GitHub app and connect the repository, which will form the basis for your workflow. 

STEP 3 - Create the component in the platform 

You’re in! Name the component based on your loaded repository and click ‘Create Component.’

STEP 4 - Explore the carousel on what you can do 

You will see a workflow composer in a few seconds after clicking ‘Create Component.’ During this time, you can browse a carousel of what you can do with workflows and the platform.

STEP 5 - Click ‘Create Sample Workflow’

Finally, click ‘Create Sample Workflow’ to land on the workflow composer. It includes a visual workflow orchestration tool that makes creating and managing complex software delivery pipelines easy. 

Here, the platform detects a Java project and automatically updates it to reveal a Java template workflow.

And there you have it! A cloud native CI/CD workflow ready for your use. You can commit it or modify it any way you want.

Platform Update: Fresh Look, New Features, and a Price Drop!

Here’s a quick update on what we’ve been working on lately

  • Released Feature Management 1.0 for the major progressive delivery use cases 

  • Added new usability and insight upgrades for our popular analytics reports 

  • Streamlined the journey to your first workflow with immediate insights 

And that’s just the beginning! With all these cool enhancements, we're also slashing our Team pricing big time – from $100/month to just $30/month

What do you get when you upgrade from the Free version? 

  • 8,000 additional workflow execution minutes

  • Unlimited sub organizations

  • 12 months log retention

  • Essentials Support 

Enjoy the features you love and get even more for what you pay.

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