DevOps + Federal Government

For trustworthy, stable, compliant software—delivered faster

Ready to find out how CloudBees can help your agency make ATO a given while delivering software faster and more securely?

With CloudBees Software Delivery Platform, you can:

  • Achieve continuous authorization/ATO - CloudBees allows government software teams to deliver trustworthy software delivery pipelines—and for their security teams to more easily grant ATO because they comply with organizational policy

  • Deliver secure software faster - Accelerate software delivery while staying secure at every stage. CloudBees enables automatic security checks and instant remediation of flawed code—no need to redeploy

  • Pass audits with flying colors - Automate audit reporting and real-time tracking, tracing and approval of software from code through production. Fully automated and secure pipelines give you reports of trustable data with a single click

  • Eliminate back-and-forth between teams - Security teams gain transparency and useful insights at every step of the software development life cycle—without waiting for developers to generate and share reports post-development

  • Experiment freely—with guard rails - Sleep easy, knowing governance, regulatory and security standards are being met—thanks to a self-service catalog of secure, compliant components, entrance and exit gates and more

  • Transform into elite-performing teams - Audit and GRC functions become non-events so your teams can focus on innovating and adding value

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