Managing Jenkins at Scale with CloudBees Core at DevOps World | Jenkins World 2019

Written by: Stuart Beattie
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Many teams have successfully automated and accelerated their software development processes using Jenkins. They can now successfully manage and control software delivery through its entire lifecycle - including build, document, test, package, stage and deploy. As a result, they can deliver software to end-users and customers quicker and more efficiently.

Increasing Jenkins adoption

As more developer teams realize the benefits to be gained from using Jenkins, many organizations start to become a victim of their own success. For some, the original Jenkins controller instance becomes overloaded as additional teams start using it. An overloaded Jenkins controller results in frustration as developers have to wait longer for their jobs to finish. In other cases, significant developer resources are used as each team builds and manages its own Jenkins infrastructure. This additional workload takes time away from developing software.

Security and governance challenges

In addition, as the popularity of Jenkins grows, interest from security and governance teams to ensure that the company is meeting internal and external compliance requirements also grows. This is yet another task taking valuable time away from software development.

Are developer teams in your organization wasting valuable time waiting for their jobs to complete? Are they having to manage their own Jenkins infrastructure or address compliance issues? If it hasn't happened already, could this happen soon as Jenkins becomes more popular?

Session: Managing Jenkins at Scale with CloudBees Core

At 1:15 pm on Thursday, Aug. 15 at DevOps World | Jenkins World, we will examine the resource challenges associated with managing Jenkins controllers in isolation, the risks faced by those using home-grown centralized management solutions and how organizations that deploy CloudBees Core successfully scale the management of their deployments.

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