Bringing Automated Continuous Everything to DevOps World | Jenkins World 2018

Continuous everything is a paradigm that houses the continuous family - integration, testing, delivery, deployment, governance, analytics and a brand new generation of continuums. This space is heavily fragmented with vendors of all shapes and sizes, who are now gradually coalescing into a continuous economy where a docker container is the standard currency. To address the complexity of stitching together various tools, CloudBees is now leading the charge to build an end-to-end software delivery system that will improve the sustainability of every business.

DevOps World 2018Kubernetes orchestrates and manages this brave world of containers and is becoming a trusted name in businesses around the globe. My talk hones in on Kube(rnetes) CD, a brand new offering from CloudBees that addresses the speed, quality and predictability challenges that slow organizations down. Kube CD is powered by Jenkins X and integrates best-of-breed tools in the Kubernetes ecosystem. It automatically guides the development and delivery workflow that ships products all the way to production, thus reducing the probability of human errors.

Kube CD gets you running in no time with quickstarter packs for the popular programming languages. Not only does it write the sample app for teams, it also containerizes it and writes out the Dockerfile. If you have existing projects, you can import them too. I am excited that the world of declarative pipelines is here, and organizations of all hues and views are now investing into pipeline DSLs (domain-specific language) with the same zeal as they are investing in the applications that flow through the pipelines. Kube CD integrates seamlessly with GitHub and the app, Dockerfile, Jenkinsfile, Helm charts, Skaffold workflow .yaml file etc. are automatically generated in one Git repo.

And as if that isn’t enough, I am psyched that we can finally demonstrate GitOps, where environments like staging and production are now Git repos. Talk about auditability! Kube CD leverages the managed Kubernetes solutions provided by major cloud providers so that teams do not have to setup and manage Kubernetes on their own. This automated and integrated continuous workflow jumpstarts teams and sets Kube CD apart from other players in this space.

Money is always a good thing to save, but not just in the short term. For forward thinkers, the initial upfront investment in automation should not be concerning, since the return on investment  has been established time and again. It is heartening that some of the early naysayers of continuous everything are eventually coming on board as they painstakingly realize that personnel will always be more expensive than tools.

Overall, my talk sharpens the concepts that ensure continuity of our processes. Here’s the abstract. As I continue on this DevOps journey, I sincerely hope that you can join me and all the thought citizens at DevOps World | Jenkins World 2018 this year. Even if you can’t for some reason, know that pipeline is no longer a pipe dream! So, happy plumbing!

Update: Listen to the live recording of my CI/CD talk here.