Steve Wozniak : The Past, Present and Future

Steves Wozniak shares his thoughts on transformation, his interest in innovation, and his dislike for spam on the new DevOps Radio episode. Don't miss this one!

Shawn Ahmed

Shawn Ahmed is Chief Marketing Officer and Interim Chief Product Officer. He is responsible for the CloudBees marketing and product engineering organizations.

In his role as CMO, Shawn is responsible for the CloudBees brand and the company's go-to-market strategy in helping enterprises and government agencies accelerate innovation and streamline the complexities of software delivery. Shawn is focused on strengthening the CloudBees brand and establishing a powerful demand generation engine to fuel sales and customer satisfaction at every stage of the customer journey. Shawn was promoted to CMO following two years as senior vice president and general manager of product and solutions marketing. He played an integral role in repositioning the company’s individual products to a software delivery platform uniquely suited to the needs of global enterprises. 

He’s no stranger to using business analytics to find and drive success, having held similar roles at Splunk and two separate five-year stints at SAP. Shawn has been the CEO of two companies, including Pivotus which he brought to a successful acquisition before joining CloudBees.