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Eliminate Troubleshooting Headaches with Pipeline Explorer Map: Simplify Error Detection and Resolution

As developers, we know the challenges of maintaining and troubleshooting pipelines all too well. The hours spent digging through complex logs, the frustration of diagnosing code crashes, and the constant pressure to resolve issues quickly. But what if there was a tool designed to make all these pains a thing of the past?

Introducing the CloudBees Pipeline Explorer with Map view. Visualize your pipelines and understand the structure of your pipeline at a glance. This tool is designed to be an intuitive and performant pipeline troubleshooting tool that gets you in, out, and back to coding. Early adopters have found it reduced troubleshooting time by 30-40%!

Why You Shouldn't Miss This:

  • Enhanced Troubleshooting: Say goodbye to digging through complex logs! Learn how to uncover and resolve pipeline issues faster than ever before.

  • Visual and Intuitive Interface: Our modern, user-friendly interface allows you to navigate complex pipelines with ease.

  • Two Perspectives, One Goal: Dive deep into your pipelines with both Tree view and Map view, designed for unmatched performance and scalability.

Who Should Attend?

  • Pipeline Maintainers (developers and admins) looking to streamline their troubleshooting process.

  • Current CloudBees Pipeline Explorer users interested in leveraging the new Map feature for enhanced visibility and productivity.

  • Anyone involved in pipeline management seeking to adopt the latest in pipeline visualization technology.

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