Security, Compliance, and Risk Management in the SDLC

Shift left was supposed to empower developers, bolster regulatory compliance and speed software delivery. But it turns out that verifying security and compliance is complex, time-consuming and actually slows release velocity. Requiring developers to wade through alert storms from multiple tools isn’t empowering, doesn't noticeably improve security and certainly doesn’t get products to market more quickly. Fortunately, there are better approaches that focus on risk-based decision-making to create actual value.

In this Techstrong Learning Experience, we'll explore what you can do to improve security and compliance while truly empowering your developers and speeding up software delivery.

This panel, Gayatri Prakash, VP and GM, Compliance at CloudBees, Ken Muse, Senior DevOps Architect at GitHub, and Tracy Bannon, Software Architect and Digital Transformation Advisor at The MITRE Corporation, will cover the following topics:

  • Why “shift security everywhere” maps better to DevOps philosophies

  • How to move from checklist to risk-based decision-making

  • How to effect change that connects security, risk and operations to value

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