Deploying to the Cloud

Looking to move your Jenkins setup to the cloud but feeling overwhelmed with the potential challenges ahead? You're not alone.

Watch this on-demand webinar, for a panel discussion with Samantha Frost, CI Product Marketing Manager, Bill Garrett, Principal Sales Engineer, Dylan Dewhurst, Staff Development Support Engineer, Elena Martinez, Senior Sales Engineer, and Evan Dubay, Principal Customer Success Manager, focused on moving large-scale Jenkins on-premises set up to the cloud.

During the webinar, they cover:

  • How other organizations have moved to the cloud with tips and advice for when your organization is ready

  • Challenges and solutions surrounding the transition to the cloud

  • Common misconceptions and highlights for cloud-native applications by Jenkins and CloudBees CI (Enterprise CI for Jenkins)

No matter your specific needs, you can trust CloudBees CI to help streamline your deployment process, with powerful tools that enable you to optimize your workflows and more easily manage your cloud infrastructure. Watch now!

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