Breaking Up your Monolithic Pipelines

So you read the blogs, listened to the experts, followed best practices, and built yourself a CI/CD pipeline that goes all the way from Dev to Prod.  Despite this, your internal stakeholder teams are frustrated with the result. 

You’ve created a monolithic pipeline, a single entity of tightly coupled tasks to handle everything. If an update occurs in one stage, other stages may also require updates. Since everything is sequential, if one step fails, the entire pipeline fails. You now have brittle pipelines, susceptible to frequent errors which result in missed targets. 

In this on-demand webinar, Drew Piland (Product Marketing) joins Sales Engineers Shozab Naqvi and Rick Broker to cover monolithic pipelines' downsides, both from an innovation and security standpoint. They discuss how to avoid these topics through areas such as:

  • Contrasting monolithic and microservices-based applications

  • The benefits of segregation of duties

  • The value in building sub-pipelines that run in parallel

  • Visibility and transparency to help provide a secure SDLC

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