Revolutionize Your DevOps with CloudBees: Unleash Efficiency, Security, and Scalability in Tech

In today’s competitive tech landscape, optimizing DevOps is crucial. The Forrester TEI Spotlight study for CloudBees showcases dramatic enhancements in DevOps processes for technology and software firms, highlighting key benefits like cost savings, fewer outages, and better deployment automation.

Key Highlights:

  • Significant ROI: CloudBees has delivered a staggering 426% ROI and a net present value of $30.9 million for organizations in the tech sector.

  • Solutions to Common Challenges: Leaders from technology and entertainment sectors share how CloudBees overcame hurdles in standardization, stability, and scalability, enhancing their software delivery workflows.

  • Major Advantages:

    • Outage Reduction: A notable 99% decrease in developer downtime due to system outages, leading to meaningful cost reductions.

    • Boosted Productivity: Automation and improved pipeline management have significantly uplifted deployment rates and developer efficiency.

    • Scalability & Automation: CloudBees' enterprise-level automation allows for swift, reliable releases, ensuring operations can scale without sacrificing quality or speed.

  • Why CloudBees?: Discover why tech organizations are choosing CloudBees for its ability to provide scalability, automation, and increased productivity. See how transitioning from outdated systems boosts performance.

Begin Transforming Your DevOps Today

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